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How to Get the Blueprint Sword Amenoma Kageuchi Genshin Impact, the explanation is this -

Blueprint Sword Amenoma Kageuchi

How to Get Amenoma Kageuchi’s Blueprint Sword – Genshin impact is a gacha game, so most items can be obtained by gacha. Starting from characters, weapons, and others. But there are also a number of weapons that can be obtained without the need for gacha, aka free. Namely weapon crafting, as the name suggests, the players will make the weapon themselves so they don’t have to gacha or spend money.

In genshin impact version 2.0 there are quite a lot of weapon crafting added. Among them is Sword Amenoma Kageuchi. To be able to craft these weapons, you must first have a blueprint. In connection with this topic, this time we will discuss about How to Get Amenoma Kageuchi’s Blueprint Sword Genshin Impact.

Sword Amenoma Kageuchi Genshin Impact

Sword amenoma kageuchi is one of a series of weapons from the inazuma region, has a rarity of 4 star level, with a basic attack of 41, and a second status of ATK%. When using this weapon, the character will get 1x succession seed after casting an elemental skill. This effect will be re-triggered every 5 seconds, and will last for 30 seconds. Users can get up to 3x succession seeds simultaneously. All succession seeds will automatically accumulate within 2 seconds after using the elemental burst. Then you will also get energy recovery up to 6 points for each seed that is successfully used.

How to Get Sword Blueprint Amenoma Kageuchi Genshin Impact

Getting the blueprint of the weapon craft is the first step to take. Therefore, we will explain how to get the blueprint of the sword amenoma kageuchi weapon. Follow the instructions below,

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  1. Go to the jinren island location in the narukami island group. Namely in the small islands north of the Inazuma region. At that location, players will start completing quests by meeting NPC Saimon Jirou who is on top of a cliff. To be able to remove Saimon from the cage, the player must defeat the existing samurai.
  2. So the first quest had to save NPC Saimon Jirou first. For saimon’s key is in a tree, take the key, then remove saimon from the cage. After that, you can move on to the next quest.
  3. The next quest is looking for metal key items on Jiren Island, there are a total of 5 metal keys you just have to collect. Later each metal key will be used to open a different cage, then will get a number of chests as a gift.
  4. There are also special puzzle solving quests that can be done at night. The puzzle that will be used to open the secret room. About how to complete this advanced mission, you can check the details in the video tutorial to make it clearer.
  5. If you manage to open the secret room, you will be able to get a special chest in which there is a blueprint item from the sword amenoma kageuchi weapon. After getting the blueprint, you can continue looking for items and crafting the weapon.
  6. Sword amenoma kageuchi is a good F2P weapon for Ayaka. Because the status of this weapon is indeed compatible with ayaka, which is both increasing energy recharge. Besides ayaka, this weapon is also suitable for Jean.

That was the explanation about How to Get Amenoma Kageuchi’s Blueprint Sword Genshin Impact. By doing the steps above, of course the process of getting a blueprint can be smoother. Good luck, that’s all the info this time, hopefully it can be useful.

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