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When Legend Of Dawn The Sacred Stone Airs On Net TV -

Legend Of Dawn The Sacred Stone Airs On Net TV

Since the Mobile Legends game was released in 2021. This time the game is surprising with exciting news for mobile legend fans with information about when Legend Of Dawn The Sacred Stone airs on net TV. This game finally has a film series entitled Legend Of dawn the sacred stone. This film series is the first series that is specially dedicated to all fans as a form of appreciation for being a loyal user of the Mobile Legends game. Although the release date of this series has been widely discussed by some mobile game fans. But of course some of you don’t know for sure when this series will be aired. Before finding out about the release date of this, of course, you must first learn how to watch this film, of course.

Moonton’s party makes it easy for anyone who wants to watch this series by providing access to the official streaming platform and also through television channels that have been invited to work with Moonton. The television channel that will provide this film series is the Indonesian television channel Net TV. Apart from Net TV, Montoon also invites cooperation with the WeTV application for the screening of this latest film series.

Legend Of Dawn The Sacred Stone Movie Storyline airs on net TV

This film series will later tell the era of the empire which has often been shown in the game version. There are several characters who will be the center of the story in this series. The characters are Fanny and Hero Alucard. In addition to these two heroes, there will also be other heroes that you usually see in the mobile legend version, bang bang. Some of these heroes will decorate the storyline of this series to make it more exciting. This information has been widely reported through the official website. The main mission that will be carried out in this film series is to find the existence of the sacred stone that has the highest value. In this search process several heroes will appear and circle around the Imperial capital which is familiar to gamers in this. The film series will also be given a comedy element to make it more fun to watch and this is done to fill a certain plot so it doesn’t look too stiff. So that the appearance and also the storyline in this film series will be lighter. To find out the ending that will occur in this animated series, you have to wait and follow the word storyline from the first to the end. Never miss this film series to become a fun favorite show.

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Unfortunately, there is no official information regarding when this series will start airing on Net TV. Because Moonton only predicts serials Legend Of Dawn The Sacred Stone airs on net TV release in mid-fall 2021 one. That is between September to October 2021.

So that you don’t miss information about when this film series will officially air on Net TV. You can often visit our page so you don’t miss any information we provide about When Legend Of Dawn The Sacred Stone airs on net TV. Because we will always update this information every time there is a definite date in the screening of this film series.

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