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How to Change PowerPoint Background on PC and Mobile

Do you want to change the PowerPoint background? Or are you tired of the ordinary PowerPoint background display? If so, then this article is perfect for you to try.

For those of you who usually do presentations, of course you often make PowerPoint documents to explain various things such as about work, lectures, and others. To make it more interesting, you should change the background so that it looks fresher and the audience doesn’t get bored.

Well, if you don’t know how to easily change the PowerPoint background, Babang will explain it for HP and PC/Laptop users. Just take a look below

How to Change PowerPoint Background Per Slide

The first method that Babang will discuss is how to change the PPT background per slide. This method is useful if you want to make different modifications to each slide that you create.

By using this method, the presentation that you share will be much more interesting and those who are listening will also be more focused on what you are presenting.

If you want to use a different background for each slide, you can simply follow the steps listed below.

  • When you have opened the PowerPoint application, select the tab Design at the top, between the Insert and Transitions tabs.

  • Select menu Background Format which is on the far right. You can also access this feature by right-clicking on the slide for which you want to change the background.

  • After entering Format Background, a menu will appear to the right of PowerPoint. To change the background, select Picture or texture fill.
  • Then, click the button File which is below the text Insert picture from, select the photo you want to use as your PowerPoint background.

  • Finished! Later, your PowerPoint display will look like the image below.

For how to make a different PowerPoint background for each slide, you can repeat the above method on each slide.

This way of changing the PPT background allows you to add a variety of visual variations to the presentation material that you want to deliver.

How to Change the PowerPoint Background of All Slides

What if we want to use one background image for all existing slides? The trick is almost the same as before.

You just need to repeat the same way as before. After selecting the image, press the button Apply to All which is at the bottom.

Why in the last step do you have to press the Apply to All option? Because this option will automatically change the entire slide background with the image you selected.

How to Remove PowerPoint Background

If you want to change your mind and want to change it to the original format, you can use the same method by changing the PPT background.

The trick, choose Solid fill which by default will be white. To change the entire slide, click the button again Apply to All to change the color to plain white.

This way your PowerPoint design will return to its original state when no adjustments have been made to the background.

How to Change PowerPoint Background on Mobile

That was how to change the PowerPoint background on a PC or laptop. What if we want to know how to change the PowerPoint background on a cellphone?

Unfortunately, the PowerPoint application on cellphones does not have a feature so that we can change the slide background with your own interesting image.

But don’t worry, you can use other presentation apps to change your PPT background. Babang will show you how to change PowerPoint background in WPS Office!

  • Download this application via the link below. Perform the installation process as usual. After that, open the application. [WPS Office di Play Store]
  • After opening the application, login first. To make it easy, you can use a Google account to login.
  • When entering the application, press the + button in the lower right corner and select Presentation.

  • In order to be able to change the image, use the existing templates for free. If you select a blank PPT, you will not be able to change the image.

  • After the template is finished downloading, press on the background image. After that, swipe the menu below and press menu Lower.

  • Click in an empty area, then press the background image again. Select menu Change Image at the bottom, then select the image you want to use. Finished!

  • After all the steps have been applied, the PPT file on your cellphone will look like the image below.

How to make a PPT background in WPS Office does require a few additional steps, but these additional steps are also not too difficult to try.

So that’s the way to change PowerPoint background on PC, Laptop or Android smartphone, hopefully it’s useful and good luck!

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