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The 10 Worst Anime of All Time, What Are?

Who said anime is always good? There is also, you know, the worst anime of all time that the audience hates.

Basically, anime is a type of broadcast that can be enjoyed like a movie or tv series. Anime also has a story plot, genre, characters in it, and others.
If there is a list of the worst movies of all time, there must also be a list of the lowest rated anime.

There are several things that make the anime below labeled very bad, either because of the scattered animation, chaotic story plots, and so on.
There are several things that make the animes on this basis labeled very bad, either because of the scattered animation, the chaotic plot of the story, and so on.

If you are looking for a new anime to watch, you should stay away from the anime titles below. Instead of being curious, here is a list of the 10 worst anime of all time that you should never watch in your life!

Byston Well Monogatari: Garzey no Tsubasa

Photo source: Breaking Canon

Released in 1996, the anime Byston Well Monogatari: Garzey no Tsubasa is even more like an anime made in 1985.
The essence of the story is that the main character is thrown into a war-torn medieval era. He must be able to adapt in order to survive.
Almost no explanation in each event makes the audience will be confused. The ending is also no less strange so it deserves to be included in this list of worst anime.


Photo source: Listai

Hanoka is set on the planet Tokinea where humans and the Star Races are at war with each other.

The story itself centers on a woman who is made into a Demon God, an ultimate weapon against humans.

An interesting fact, this anime is the first anime made with Adobe Flash in full. Unfortunately, the results are very disappointing.

Wonder Momo

Photo source: My Anime List

Wonder Momo is a classic game made by Namco in 1987 that was almost forgotten, but somehow someone wanted to adapt it into an anime in 2021.

The animation itself can actually be considered very good among the other anime on this list. Unfortunately, the depth of this anime story is very lacking, especially including Momo, the main character.

At first, she is just an ordinary woman who dreams of becoming an idol, before accidentally joining the fight against aliens who want to colonize Earth.

Many things suddenly disappeared in episode one, making us feel lazy to watch the continuation of the episode.


Photo source: Crunchyroll

This anime tells the story of the bond between two brothers who live with their strong aunt, so they decide to run away without knowing where to go.
The anime that Babang will discuss here is Pupa which also tells the story of two brothers.

The story is, they are both lost because they follow an attractive butterfly, even though in fact he will spread a dangerous mysterious virus.

The younger brother catches the virus and becomes a cannibal, while the older brother is only partially affected and tries to help his sister.

Sounds interesting, but the execution is not very good. The animation looks like it was made by an amateur.

Generation of Chaos

Photo source: YouTube

In a world where humans and monsters coexist, two heroes, Chiffon and Roze, appear on an adventure.

Chiffon is a man who has the power to train monsters, then goes to a sacred place because his abilities are slowly disappearing.

On the other hand, Roze who is a descendant of half demons leads a peaceful life before his house is burned down and destroys his dream of living in peace with humans.
Eh, that’s all. The Generation of Chaos anime is the prologue of the game of the same name for (poor) promotion.

Showing two unconnected stories where the animation is used repeatedly, this anime is definitely something you should stay away from.

Dark Cat

Photo source: Amino Apps

Interesting information, the voice actors of the worst anime of all time are hentai anime voice actors, so you will feel like you are watching the forbidden anime genre when watching this anime.

It’s not enough there, you will see lots of tentacles everywhere, making this anime look disgusting.
Anime Black Cat is a failed attempt to combine comedy, horror, and semi-hentai anime genres.

The story is just like that, where there are two brothers who can turn into cats and have to solve riddles of tentacle monsters and so on.

Vampire Holmes

Photo source: Save My Data

Witness the favorite detective of a million people, Sherlock Holmes, and his partner, Dr. Watson, unravel the riddle of the vampires who invaded the city of London!

Maybe we will remember the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, sadly worse. Attempts to insert comedy actually make the situation worse.

Holmes and Watson characters are more often seen spending time arguing and failing to solve problems. Obviously this will irritate the fans.

Soujuu Senshi Psychic Wars

Photo source: YouTube

For some reason, there are so many anime on this list with the theme that the Earth will be colonized by other creatures. Soujuu Senshi Psychic Wars is one of them.

There is a surgeon who is treating a patient where the patient is in fact a messenger from ancient Japan who calls for a demonic invasion of Earth.

He also returned to the past and fought an ancient demon. There is absolutely no description of why he was chosen or how the source of the prophecy got to the present day.

Hametsu no Mars (Mars of Destruction)

Photo source: Wikipedia

After conducting an investigation on Mars, a strange creature called the Ancients appears in Tokyo.

They are aggressive and dangerous creatures that cannot be killed with ordinary weapons.

Scientists succeeded in creating a weapon to defeat him, but it can only be used by people whose DNA matches and he also fights against the Martian aliens.

The plot of the Hametsu No Mars anime above does sound boring. The script will also make us sleepy.
Moreover, all the enemies have the same face and have no character at all. Too lazy to add small details?

Tenkuu Danzai Skelter+Heaven

Photo source: YouTube

The plot of the story is the same as the previous anime, where Earth is again being invaded by creatures from another planet. However, the anime titled Tenkuu Danzai Skelter+Heaven is worse.

The CGI is scary, the depiction is lazy because what moves from the characters is only the mouth, and the story is boring.

On the myanimelist site, this anime is the anime with the lowest score, which is 1.90. Who is curious to watch this ugliest anime?

So that’s a list of the 10 worst anime of all time, hopefully the list above can be your reference when you want to avoid the worst anime so you don’t regret watching it.


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