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5 Hero Counter Miya Mobile Legends

Miya is a marksman hero who used to be underestimated but now becomes overpowered after getting revamps and buffs from Moonton. Well, if you find it difficult when dealing with Miya, then Babang will give 5 hero recommendations to become Miya’s counter.

Who are these heroes? Just take a look below


The first hero that Babang recommends is Eudora, because this hero has a skill combo that can stun and his ultimate has great damage so it is very easy to beat Miya.


Next is Kaja, this hero is very suitable to be used as Miya’s counter because this hero has an ulti that can attract opponents, besides that Kaja’s 1st skill is able to find out where Miya is when she is ulti (disappears).


This hero is a hero who has quite agile skill combos, moreover Miya is a hero who is difficult to move and run away when attacking, so Lancelot is very easy to beat Miya.


This hero also doesn’t want to lose, why use Gusion? Because his combo skill is so fast and deadly it is very effective to defeat Miya in one attack.


The last hero is Karina, the reason is because this hero has skill 1 which can be immune to basic attacks, and has damage large enough to make it easy to beat Miya.

So those are 5 recommendations for Miya Mobile Legends (MLBB) hero counters that are quite effective when used, good luck!

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