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Cool FF Panda Pet Name, Here's a Funny List

Cool FF Panda Pet Name

The name Pet Panda FF Cool – Free Fire presents various interesting features that make the game more exciting. So not only survival battles, there are also unique features such as pets. A pet is an item or feature of a pet. By having a pet, the user will get an advantage. It depends on the type of pet you have.

Pets are accessories that are often used by survivors. Each pet has an effect or can help the owner during the battle. There are many lists of pets in the free fire game. One of the most talked about is Panda. Related to this topic, here is an interesting review of the list of Cool and funny FF Panda Pet Names.

  • Getting to know Pet Panda in Free Fire

Panda is one of the most popular pets in the free fire game. Not only does it have a cute appearance, but this one pet also has beneficial skills for the owner. That’s why pandas are on the list of pets favored by survivors. Pets are like skins, which have certain levels, of course if they reach the max level, the strength will increase. Pet panda has a blessing skill that can increase the owner’s blood. This skill is able to increase healthy points by 4 for each panda level you have.

For example, having a level one panda pet, and then successfully killing a total of 5 opponents, the owner will get an additional 20 points of blood. If the pet successfully rises to level 5, then the additional healthy points received will increase by 7 points. In addition, the blood-boosting skill in the panda pet is also able to give the owner 45 points for inventory. How, very useful is not this cute pet?

  • List of Cool Plus Cute Panda FF Pet Names

Giving a name to a pet is not just for fun, but also serves to increase the level of the pet. The higher the level of the pet you have, the easier it will be to be able to open the emote and skin of the pet. Therefore, here is a list of cool and funny names for Panda pets,

  1. Zeppelin
  2. Zach
  3. Wendy
  4. Yoshiko
  5. Ursa
  6. Parker
  7. Vegas
  8. Surf
  9. Roxie
  10. Sugger
  11. Tnner
  12. Pulie
  13. Sage
  14. Winston
  15. Taya
  16. Pazo
  17. Rufus
  18. Rich
  19. Noah
  20. Palm
  21. Mago
  22. Kalu
  23. Lana
  24. Lefty
  25. Olive
  26. Madonna
  27. Felix
  28. Fiona
  29. Gunner
  30. Hunder
  31. Elwood
  32. Dane
  33. Dallas
  34. Hank
  35. Elton

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  • Easy Ways to Change Pet Names in FF

After knowing the list of cool and funny names above, it will also be explained how to easily change a pet’s name. Just follow the instructions below,

  1. Login in free fire game
  2. Then enter the lobby and look for the pet menu, it’s on the left row
  3. Then look for the pet you want to replace or give a name
  4. Then a pet name column will appear, to change the name click the pencil icon at the far right of the column
  5. A window will appear to enter a new name

If you have previously given a name to the related pet, then to change the name you have to pay 200 diamonds. Well, that was an interesting explanation about the Cool and funny Pet Panda FF Name. Let’s immediately give the cool name above for your panda pet.

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