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The Best FF Weapons For Beginners, Here's the Fun Info -

Best FF Weapons For Beginners

Best FF Weapons For Beginners – Choosing the right weapon in playing battle royal games like free fire is certainly important. Especially for new players. By using the right weapons, it will make it easier for beginners to be able to win in the battles that are played.

However, many beginners do not know what kind of weapon is the right one to use. In order to help these new players, the following are mandatory recommendations: Best FF Weapons For Beginners the latest 2021. Using the list of weapons in this article, will allow beginners to play more optimally. Curious about the full details? Read this article to the end.

Mandatory List of Best FF Weapons For Beginners

There are many kinds of weapons available in the free fire game, some are quite difficult to use, some are easy. For beginners, it would be better if you use a weapon that is easy to master. This is so that players can focus more on the game and be able to defeat the enemy. In this regard, here is a list of the best weapon recommendations for beginners when playing free fire games,

  1. MP5

This is the easiest SMG-type weapon to use, even for new player levels. This weapon is also very popular in the survivor community. MP5 is effective for medium-range combat and close-range combat. Damage generated is also quite good. You beginners will not take long to get used to using this weapon.

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  1. Vector Akimbo Mode

Next is akimbo vector mode. Akimbo means two modes, this weapon is indeed the first to be equipped with dual modes which are good for close combat. And more importantly, vector mode akimbo is also very easy to use for beginners.

  1. AUG

Next there is the AUG which has advantages in the number of bullets and accuracy of shots. This weapon makes it easy for beginners to shoot accurately. Moreover, the number of magazines that can be stored is also quite large. So it is highly recommended for beginners.

  1. XM8

This is the easiest AR type weapon to use. Having an additional attachment scope that is already automatic makes shooting accuracy better. XM8 weapons are more effective in mid-range combat. And don’t forget that mastery of this weapon is also relatively easy.

Additional Winning Tips for Beginners in FF

By reading the list of weapons above, it can be used as a recommendation when confused about finding the right weapon. In addition to choosing weapons, you beginners also need to pay attention to other important things. To help, we will briefly discuss some additional tips to get started quickly. First, understand the ma being played. There are a number of maps with different conditions, you have to understand the battlefield in order to develop the right strategy.

Second, don’t do too much loot. This is what most beginners do. Loot is important, but look for things that are really important. Loot for too long can make players an easy target for other players. Third, avoid chasing the enemy. As a beginner don’t try – try to chase the enemy if you don’t have a high chance of defeating him. Recklessly chasing the enemy actually makes you die quickly.

So, that was the recommended info Best FF Weapons For Beginners. Use the list of recommendations and additional tips above to help achieve booyah. That’s it for this game tips article, hopefully it’s useful.

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