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Gate Of Fangs Free Fire, Here's the Leaked Info

Gate of Fangs Free Fire

Gate of Fangs Free Fire – The event that the survivors of the country have been waiting for has finally officially started, namely the Project Cobra event. There is a list of attractive prizes for all survivors, of course with a cobra ski theme. Previously, leaked information had circulated which made players even more excited to join the event. Definitely don’t miss this auspicious event.

At the cobra project event there is a series of quests with a flood of cool prizes. One of the interesting things to note is about Gate of Fangs Free Fire. What exactly is the gate of fang? Find complete information in the discussion of this article.

The cobra ff project event has been officially opened since February 19, 2021. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, there are a series of events and quests with cool prizes. Not only that, Garena also added the Gate of fans new lobby plant feature. By using this feature, players can get attractive rewards in the form of free diamonds. To be able to enter the new lobby plant, you need an item called Gate of Fangs.

Therefore, currently many survivors are trying to get the item. Regarding this, in the next point, several ways will be given to be able to get the gate of fans item. The method is quite easy, namely by joining a series of cobra project events. One of the prize lists at the event is the Gate of fans. So read the explanation of this article to the end to get complete information.

  • How to get FF Gate of Fangs

As mentioned above, to get the gate of fans is to complete the project cobra event quest. What are the quests that must be completed, see below.

  1. Participate in the cumulative login quest from February 21 to March 8, 2021. By logging in for 5 days, you will get 2x Gate of fangs in the in-game bonus.
  2. Participate in the Dead box Drop Token Yellow Cobra quest on March 1 to March 10, 2021. Collect 10x yellow cobra tokens and get 1x Gate of fans reward.
  3. Take part in the Cobra Go – Monopoly quest from February 19 to March 8, 2021. To participate in this quest, you must understand the terms of the game. By playing up to 10 laps, you will get 3x Gate of Fangs prizes.

Those are a number of cobra project event quests that will give a Gate of fans prize to be able to enter the new new lobby plant free fire.

  • Interesting Info Cobra Free Fire Project Event

In addition to the gate of fangs, there are many other cool prizes. To get all that, the way is to join in all available event quests. The entire series of event quests will end on March 10, 2021. So there is still a lot of time left to join the event. Collect lots of cobra tokens and don’t miss the Exchange Store quest on February 19 to March 8, 2021. You can exchange cobra tokens by sharing items from the classic store to the premium store.

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That was the leaked info about Gate of Fangs Free Fire. Immediately join now at the event. There are definitely many advantages to be had. That’s all for the information about the free fire game this time, see you in other game info updates.

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