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Biography and Facts of Boruto, Son of the 7th Hokage!

If you are a fan of the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, you must already know the MC or the main character of this anime, yup! Of course, Uzumaki Boruto is the first child of Uzumaki Naruto, the 7th hokage.

Well, for those of you who don’t know about the biodata of this anime character, please see below

Boruto | source: Studio Pierrot


  • Name: Uzumaki Boruto (うずまきボルト)
  • Birthday : March 27
  • Age : The Last Movie Epilogue : 5 years old; Boruto Movie : 10 years; Time-Skip: 16 years old
  • Genre : Boy
  • Rank: Genin
  • Team : Team 7
  • Height : The Last Movie Epilogue : 110 cm; Boruto Movie : 143 cm; Post Time-Skip : 163 cm

Boruto Uzumaki Facts

Here are some facts about Boruto that were recently discovered

1. His name means Skrup

Boruto and Neji | source: studio pierrot

Who would have thought that Boruto is the Japanese pronunciation when mentioning the word Bolt in English which means screw.

It means the same as his uncle’s name, Neji, which means couple.

2. Have Karma and Jougan

Karma and Jougan | source: studio pierrot

After defeating the god Momoshiki Otsutsuki, Boruto finally has the karma seal on his hands. This karma seal signifies that Boruto is used as Momoshiki’s vessel.

While Jougan’s eyes are eyes that can detect the air of evil. It is not known where the eye came from, many believe that the eye was a gift from Otsutsuki Toneri.

3. Imitate and become a disciple of Uchiha Sasuke

Boruto becomes Uchiha Sasuke’s disciple | source: studio pierrot

It turns out that Boruto is more interested in imitating Sasuke than being like his father. He even bluntly told Sarada that he had no interest in becoming Hokage and wanted to protect the village in the shadows. In addition to imitating Sasuke, Boruto also became his student.

4. Hobbies of eating burgers and playing games

Boruto eats spicy burger | source: studio pierrot

If we look at the anime, Boruto often stops by and eats burgers with his friends. Unlike Naruto, who likes to eat ramen at Ichiraku.

The hobby of playing console games is also Boruto’s hobby, he always gets cheats from Katasuke to make playing easier. He sometimes also collects Shinobi cards.

5. Ever been disqualified for chunin exams for cheating

Boruto caught cheating | source: studio pierrot

The embarrassing incident that Boruto experienced was cheating during the chunin exams. He uses a science ninja tool that Katasuke gave him, but Naruto realizes that his son is cheating and immediately intervenes and disqualifies Boruto.

6. Genius Boy like Minato

Asshuku Rasengan | source: studio pierrot

Boruto is a genius like his grandfather, he can master jutsu kieru rasengan, fuuton rasengan, asshaku rasengan in just a few days. He’s even done a lot of missions that are quite dangerous.

7. Ever Time Travel to Konoha in the past

Boruto time travel

Together with Sasuke, Boruto once traveled time travel to defeat Urashiki Otsutsuki. There Boruto met little Naruto and his friends. He also met Neji who had died due to the Shinobi World War.

So that’s Boruto Uzumaki’s biodata and facts, don’t forget to keep visiting and share this article!

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