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Your Free Fire Account Hacked? You Can Take It Back This Way!

Hackers it is always rampant in the internet world, be it on social media or online games. maybe the Survivor have also experienced an account Free Fire hacked and cannot be retrieved.

If you have an account case Free Fire hacked, the first thing you have to look for is not Garena. This is because you are logging in to the application Free Fire not using an account Garena but a social media service account Google, Facebook, or VK.

So, how come you get an account? Free Fire hacked by someone else? Usually this is due to your social media data being leaked. For example, you log in to Free Fire use Facebook, then your Facebook data is leaked. So if the account Free Fire you are hacked, automatic account Facebook you are also hacked.

So how can I retrieve my account Free Fire hacked? Simply put, you must first take your social media account that is connected to the account Free Fire, how to contact Customer Service concerned.


Depends on the social media service connected to the account Free Fire-mu, you can contact the address Customer Service following:

  • Facebook:

  • Google:

  • VK:

First, tell us the chronology of the case you experienced, then you will be asked to prove that you are the real owner of the account. Party Customer Service will ask you to fill in your personal data, if the data match then they will immediately take care of your report.

Of course, this process will take a long time, so you have to be patient and wait for news from them. If you manage to recover your social media account, then you will be able to retrieve your previous Free Fire account.

What happens to your in-game trinkets, Gold, and Diamonds that have been lost due to being used by the hacker? There is no guarantee that your account will return to the way it was before. You can try contacting Garena Customer Service, but keep in mind that whatever happens to your vault is beyond your responsibility Garena.

Well, so that cases like this don’t happen again, make sure you always keep your social media accounts safe. Never leak your personal data to anyone, including sharing accounts (account sharing) and filling in personal data on suspicious websites (phishing).

The next step is to change the password periodically. Avoid using passwords that are too easy such as date of birth or real name, you should use long passwords consisting of a combination of numbers, letters, and punctuation.

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The final step is to strengthen the security of your account using 2-step verification. Connect your social media account with your cellphone number, so they can’t log in to your social media account without entering the OTP code sent to your cellphone.

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