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How to Build Rafaela Mobile Legends, Hero Support Auto MVP!

Rafaela is one of the heroes Support who have unique abilities.

Where, he can provide Healing as well as increase Movement Speed teammates who were nearby.

Plus, the unique ability is collaborated with the right item build, so Rafaela can be a hero Support best.

And here we have a list of recommended build items Rafaela strongest and most painful. Let’s just check below.

Build Rafaela’s Strongest and Hurt

Build Rafaela's Strongest and Hurt

1. Demon Shoes

The first item, as usual you can buy shoe items Demon Shoes.

With this one shoe item, Rafaela can add +30 Mana Regen and +40 Movement Speed ​​Attribute.

Other than that, Demon Shoes also has a unique passive that can restore Mana by 10% if Faramis managed to kill or get an assist from the enemy.

2. Build Rafaela Hurt: Lightning Truncheon

The next item, you can buy items Magic Lightning Turncheon.

Where, this item can provide additional +75 Magic Power, +300 Mana, and +10% Cooldown Reduction for Rafaela.

Interestingly, this item also has a unique passive that can deal extra Magic Damage to three enemies at once every 6 seconds.

3. Build Rafaela Sick: Glowing Wand

Glowing Wand is the third item that is suitable for use Rafaela.

The reason is, he can add +75 Magic Power, +400 HP, and +5% Movement Speed.

And thanks to its unique passive items, Rafaela Burns enemies for 3 seconds when they attack, dealing 2%-4% of the enemy’s current HP as Magic Damage per second.

4. Immortality

For the next item, you can use the Immortality item.

Items that are very suitable for use when heading to this late game can provide an additional +800 HP and +40 Physical Defense for Rafaela.

Interestingly, Immortality also has a unique passive that can resurrect 2 seconds after Akai is killed and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage.

5. Athena’s Shield

During the late game, you can use items Athena’s Shield.

With this defense item, Rafaela can receive an additional +900 HP, +56 Magical Defense, and +20 HP Regen.

Athena’s Shield also has a unique passive that will give Damage Absorbing Shield by 30 seconds.

6. Necklace of Durance

And the last item Rafaela, you can use Necklace of Durance.

Where, this item can add +60 Magic Power, +5% Cooldown Reduction, and +10% Magical Lifesteal.

Moreover, thanks to the unique passive items it has Rafaela can reduce the Regen effect of enemies with Skill Damage by 50% for 3 seconds.

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So that was the list of the strongest and sickest Rafaela build recommendations in Mobile Legends 2021.

How about you, are you interested and interested in trying the Rafaela build recommendations above, right? Thank you, hope it’s useful

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