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Don't Miss This Garena Free Fire Redeem Code January 2021, Easy To Redeem

For the players Free Fire or FF, don’t be late to redeem the latest redeem code. latest, Garena shared FF Redeem Code January 2021 which must be exchanged immediately.

Giving FF Redeem Code this latest as a celebration of the special achievements of mobile games from Garena it on social media.

For this time, Garena celebrating the achievement of the official Instagram account @freefirebgid reach a certain number. Shared Free Fire redeem code when it reached 5.9 Instagram followers.

Don’t stop there, Garena back to share FF redeem code This January 2021, when the Instagram account reaches 6 million followers, this mobile game player should not miss.

An achievement that is not easy for Garena, because it needed to be celebrated as a thank you to the players. That is, through sharing redeem code which can be exchanged via the official website.

But must remember, Free Fire redeem code shared Garena on January 11, 2021 yesterday this was indeed limited. If when you exchange it you can’t, it means that it has been used by another player.

Free Fire redeem code

For that, the following FF Redeem Code January 2021 which you can try to exchange.

  • Milestone 6 million: FF6M1L8SQAUY

  • Milestone 5.9 million: FF6M4USLCLDS

Remember if Free Fire redeem code you cannot exchange the above, meaning that it has been taken by other players. Because it is limited, and you should exchange it as soon as possible.

If you already know the codes above, how do you exchange them? Check out the following how to exchange FF redeem code:

  • Open the Redemption Center on the official website

  • Login using the Free Fire account you use

  • Copy the code above, then paste it into the column provided then select Confirm

  • Players who can collect prizes through the Vault Tab in this mobile game

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Because it is limited, immediately exchange the FF January 2021 redeem code and enjoy the prizes provided. Stay tuned for news on other Garena mobile games, not only the latest Free Fire.

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