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Want to Make the Enemy Auto Upset? Use This Call Of Duty Mobile Perk Combination!

Want to Make the Enemy Auto Upset?  Use This Call Of Duty Mobile Perk Combination!

One of the unique features in COD Mobile is the presence of Perks that can be used before playing and give players special attributes. Of the many Perks, there are some that can annoy the enemy!

There are at least 18 types of Perk which are divided into three groups with color markings namely red, green and blue.

These three categories are combined with each other to produce unique attributes that are tailored to the way you play.

Some are suitable for snipers, some are suitable for rushers, some are suitable for close-range weapons, as well as medium and long-range weapons.

But the most unique thing is this Perk combination which in addition to benefiting you, can also make your enemies regret! What Perks are combined?


First is Perk Ghost. So annoying, this Perk is included in the banned list of Perks that are prohibited when participating in tournaments and even cream.

The effect of this Perk will make you undetected when the enemy uses a UAV!

Imagine if you become an enemy, you’ve been struggling to get a UAV scorestreak, you can’t even detect the enemy!

Dead Silence

Next up is Dead Silence. This perk is most favored by rushers who move forward or rotate to approach the opponent.

The effect of this Perk is to reduce the sound of movement. That way, you will be difficult to detect by the enemy when approaching him!

Who doesn’t get annoyed when they feel safe, there is no clear sound of steps, the next time they’ve been attacked by an approaching enemy!


Next up is Agile. Maybe you are still wondering why Agile can irritate the enemy? This is the answer.

Agile Perk will speed up the time to take aim and aim time after running!

The enemy has been aiming at you when you run, then the enemy shoots you and you realize where the enemy is and immediately retaliate and win over the enemy. Surely your enemy will be keki!

He was the first to aim, he was the first to shoot, but instead died because you can quickly aim after running!

Those are the three Perks in COD Mobile that can irritate your enemies when you use them. Do you have any other Perk recommendations?


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