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Get ready! PUBG Will Arrival New Map Named Karakin

Get ready!  PUBG Will Arrival New Map Named Karakin

Not only the arrival of a new vehicle called Motor Glider, PUBG PC there will also be a new map coming. New map named Karakin it will most likely be launched at the same time as Season Six from PUBG.

Karakin this is a desert themed map similar to Miramar. But the difference if Miramar looks like a desert in Central America, Karakin more like a desert in the Middle East.

New maps Karakin it is expected to be released at the same time as sixth season from PUBG. There is another news that says that folder this will replace the themed map snow, that is Vikendi.

When one of the players asks about the substitution Vikendi map to the community manager PUBG Hawkinz in Twitter, Hawkinz replied by saying, “Vikendi also my favorite map! Unfortunately, not for most players. You’ll hear more details about what’s in Season 6 after we released patch notes on the next day.”

Hawkinz then shed some light on the deletion of Vikendi map.

He revealed in a tweet that Vikendi will “rotated” when the new season started, but the deletion of Vikendi will not be a permanent deletion.

Players can still enjoy snowy map their favorite Vikendi on custom match.

It seems PUBG Corp. decided to add the rotation feature folder into the games. Problem matchmaking which many players had complained about a lot, it would only get worse if they put five folder simultaneously in games.

To prevent this from happening, they only provide four maps which can be played in classic mode at a certain period of time.

Patch notes which will be released in the next few days will provide clarity on the issue of deletion Vikendi this. Until then, you players PUBG PC can try to fly in the sky Erangel and Miramar with Glider Motorcycle newly released.


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