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Why does the cellphone restart itself when playing PUBG Mobile?

Why does the cellphone restart itself when playing PUBG Mobile?

At night after working all day, while brewing coffee to enjoy the most enjoyable thing to do is gaming PUBG Mobile. When you turn on your favorite smartphone, go straight to the PUBG Mobile app. But suddenly our smartphone restarts by itself. Why do you think the cellphone restarts itself when playing PUBG Mobile?

How do I fix it so I can play PUBG Mobile again as usual? Without any more fear when playing your cellphone, HP restarts itself while playing PUBG Mobile

Turn off HP for a moment, it’s because it’s hot

Smartphones themselves have limits or limitations on component temperatures. When your smartphone overheats and exceeds the temperature limit of the component. What happens is that the system will automatically restart so that the components in your smartphone don’t overheat which can cause fatal damage.

A fairly easy way is to turn off the smartphone for a moment, at least to cool the components in your smartphone. If you want the components to be cooler to the maximum, the battery, simcard, memory card are all removed so that they too can rest.

Uninstall And Reinstall Your PUBG Game Players can re-install after uninstalling the pubg mobile game. It is possible that you did an update or there was a file that crashed when the game itself was running.

This makes your smartphone restart itself. So, try to re-install the pubg mobile game

Reset your cellphone, because there is a file that crashes

The system of the smartphone there must be some crashes, or maybe it can be unstable, but this is a bit difficult to overcome. The best way to solve this is to reset the data from your smartphone so that you can restore the system to the way it was when your smartphone was first purchased.

Of course, if it is returned to its original state, it will be fresh again like it was just bought? Come on, reset your smartphone to play the PUBG Mobile game again. Don’t understand how to reset it?

Every smartphone has different possible reset methods but this is a fairly universal method.

But you can try to check it in Settings

Then go to Backup And Reset.

And go to Factory Data Reset to reset your data.

keep in mind you have to back up your data before you reset so that your data is not lost during Factory Data Reset

Change the battery

Your smartphone definitely reduces battery performance if your smartphone has been used for a long time for daily activities or gaming. Replacing your smartphone battery is also one of the considerations that must be made so that battery performance returns to the way it was when you first bought it. Because the longer your smartphone, the battery performance will continue to decline.

The effect of if you don’t replace the battery from your smartphone can cause this, which is to restart itself by itself, and can also make the cellphone turn itself off, it can even cause fatal things, namely total death or not being able to turn back on.

Buy original battery

The original battery has a voltage that has been adjusted to the needs of the original components because it comes from the manufacturer, so it is guaranteed to be safe. This is what my eSports admin highly recommends because if you use a non-original battery it will be able to make your smartphone damaged quickly.

HP Service

This is the last tip if your smartphone won’t turn on either. The most likely cause is a damaged hardware component of your HP. It could be from the age of your smartphone that is quite old or a production failure from the manufacturer itself.

The best solution is that you have to go to an official service center or maybe to a regular service. With service, usually damaged components will be replaced by technicians who usually service smartphones.

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Maybe that’s enough tips so that your smartphone doesn’t restart itself. If it restarts itself continuously, it could also be the IC from the smartphone so you have to replace it. Take good care of your smartphone, guys, to avoid restarting your smartphone.

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