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Tips for Defeating Ender Dragon in Minecraft PE

Despite being the second strongest mobs in Minecraft, there is no easy way to beat the ender dragon like defeating the wither.

Because this time gamelmit will share a few tips to make it easier to beat the ender dragon, namely:

1. Wearing Armor with Enchant Protection and Blast Protection

Giving armor enchant protection serves to reduce damage from all attacks including ender dragon attacks blast protection to protect against explosions when destroying end crystals at close range.

However, since these two enchants cannot be used simultaneously in one item and in order to still get the effect of both you can apply them widely like blast protection on leggings and protection on chestplate.

In addition, you can add enchant thorns on armor to deal damage to the attacking endermen.

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2. Wearing Enchant Feather Falling Boots

Feather falling is an enchant that can only be applied to boot and has the function of reducing damage from falling. This will be very useful when you jump from a pillar after destroying an end crystal or due to interference by an ender dragon that is forced you to jump. But if you don’t get this enchant, you can use slow falling potion As a replacement.

3. Wearing Sheild

Wearing a shield is very effective at blocking knockback damage caused by the ender dragon when it crashes. This is certainly very useful when you are on a pillar so that when the ender dragon hits it does not cause it to fall. And because it is used to block you can add enchant unbreak to increase its durability.

4. Bring Pickaxe

Pickaxe is useful to help speed up making a path and destroy the barrier of the end crystal. Because sometimes when spawn at the end is under the end stone. So you need to make your way up using a pickaxe. enchant efficiency, you can add it to pickaxe to make it even faster.

5. Wearing Curve Pumpkin

Wearing a curve pumpkin serves to avoid attacks from endermen. Because apart from the ender dragon, the end is also inhabited by endermen. When you stare at this mobs, they will immediately get angry and attack. So you need to wear a pumpkin to avoid being attacked by endermen and not interfere defeat the ender dragon.

However, if you have difficulty wearing pumpkins due to visibility, you can either not wear them to make it more challenging or if you still want to wear them you can add pumpkinblur texture to make it easier.

6. Bringing Bow and Earth

As we know the ender dragon is surrounded by pillars with an end crystal on it. This end crystal serves to heal the HP of the ender dragon. So it’s useless to attack the ender dragon, if the end crystal has not been destroyed.

Because the end crystal’s place is high to destroy it you can with bow which can be shot from a safe distance or pillar to pillar. Whereas land which has properties that are easily destroyed can be used to climb up the end crystal pillars that have protection and cannot be reached by the bow.

7. Bring Regeneration Potion, Golden or Enchanted Appel, and Food

Potion regeneration and golden or enchanted apple useful to keep the cellphone stable quickly from ender dragon or endermen attacks when you destroy end crystals and attack ender dragons. food such as meat is useful in order to maintain the regeneration effect naturally. So that it can save the use of potion regeneration and golden or enchanted apples.

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8. Attacking Using Sword Enchant Sharpness and Potion Strength

An effective attack to defeat the ender dragon is melee, that is, using a diamond or netherite sword. Then, added enchant sharpness and combined with a strength potion will make the HP of the thick ender dragon decrease quickly.

Well, those are some tips to make it easier to defeat the ender dragon. After being defeated, you can also resurrect the ender dragon by placing the end crystal on the bedrock that surrounds the place where the ender dragon stands.

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