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How to Make Fire Arrows in Minecraft PE

In addition to the potion effect arrows that Gamelmit discussed earlier. You can also use other types of arrows namely fire arrows, but these arrows don’t actually produce fire immediately but you have to shoot them to create fire (doesn’t work when shot under rain or water).

Fire Arrow

Then the affected mobs or players will get a burning effect for a while, but if the mobs such as animals die from fire from fire arrows then the dropped meat will be cooked.

Now for those of you who want to make fire arrows, there are 2 ways you can do that, namely by adding an enchant flame to the bow and shooting it through the fire.

1. Adding Enchant Flame to Bow

Adding an enchanted flame to the bow in the enchantment table or using the enchanted book will make any ordinary arrows shot through the bow create a fire. This method is quite practical to make unlimited fire arrows if you add other enchants such as infinity (infinity). .

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2. Shooting Arrows Through Fire

Using fire as a firing line can also create fire arrows. However, maybe you can use this method as an alternative if you haven’t gotten the enchant flame but want to make the arrow you shoot produce fire. Because shooting arrows directly at the fire will make the shooting range limited. and must create fire first.

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