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How to Resurrect the Ender Dragon in Minecraft PE

After being defeated the first time, the ender dragon will leave an egg where it stands or in the middle of the portal that is used to return to the overworld.

Ender Dragon

Where there is something unique about this egg, when you try to pick it up using your bare hands or pickaxe it will make the egg teleport at close range so it fails to pick it up.

The only way to get an ender dragon egg is to put a torch under it or push it with a piston. However, that is not what will be discussed this time, but how to revive an ender dragon that has been defeated.

Reviving the Ender Dragon

When you first want to defeat the ender dragon, you must first destroy the end crystal that is on the pillars that surround the ender dragon. Because the end crystal will heal the ender dragon’s lost cellphone.

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Well, for those of you who want to resurrect the ender dragon. You need the end crystal and it is placed on each side of the center of the bedrock as follows.

So that it surrounds the place where the ender dragon stands in the middle of the portal. Then, each end crystal that is placed will emit light upwards like the end crystal heals the ender dragon and connects it to the pillars to bring out the end crystal again.

Then when the end crystals have all appeared and focused on one point above the portal, the ender dragon rises from above.

Keep in mind that when the ender dragon is successfully resurrected, the portal to return to the overworld will also close. And for those who don’t know how to make end crystals, you can make them by placing 7 glasses, ghast tears, and eye of ender on the crafting table.

Glass itself can be obtained by burning sand in the furnace. Ghast tear by defeating mob ghast. Meanwhile, eye of ender can be obtained by combining blaze powder and ender pearl on the crafting table.

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