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These are the 5 Strongest and Sickest Heroes in Mobile Legends 2021

In every match, especially in ranked games, in general the types of heroes used are 3 to 5. For example, 2 assassins, 2 tanks, and 1 mage or 2 Tanks, 1 Marksman, 1 Assassin, 1 Mage. From each type of hero, players usually choose their own strongest hero. Each player has their flagship hero. Here are the 5 strongest heroes of each type. These are the 5 Strongest and Sickest Heroes in Mobile Legends 2021

1. Tanks

Johnson is the most powerful tank today. His ultimate skill that turns Johnson into a car is able to bring Johnson and one of his teammates to quickly head to other areas on the map. Not only that, enemies hit by Johnson who are using his ultimate skill can be damaged and instantly stun. When the enemy is stunned, the friend who was riding in Johnson’s car can immediately attack and kill the opponent. Not only that, Johnson also gets an additional shield that can absorb considerable damage when his HP is less than 30%. Therefore, Johnson is often banned in ranked games.

2. Mage

Kagura is the strongest mage at this time. The damage from his throwing umbrella is not to be underestimated and can hit multiple enemies at once. In addition, the effect of the skill can slow or stun the opponent. He also has the skill to run away so there is no need to be afraid when an opponent suddenly appears and attacks.

3. Assassin

Almost all assassins are strong, but the most widely used is Lancelot. In addition to its simple use, this hero also has immunity when using skills that make him immune when removing his skills. Other assassins such as Gusion, Fanny, Karina, and Martis are also strong but they are not as easy to use as Lancelot.

4. Fighter

Hilda is a semi-tank fighter whose damage cannot be underestimated. In addition, when he is in the grass, he gets a shield and also self-healing. Not only that, when his first skill is used, his movement speed increases drastically, not even a hero can match his movement speed.

5. Marksman

Lesley is the most widely used marksman hero today. The attack distance is quite far and the resulting damage is also very painful. In addition, with his ultimate skill, Lesley can attack enemies from a distance which is very useful when the enemy’s HP is low and running away from battle.

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