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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Walkthrough Bahasa Indonesia Episode 1 Battle Of Hulao Gate

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Walkthrough Bahasa Indonesia Episode 1 Battle Of Hulao Gate

In this first Episode, it tells about the battle at Hulao Gate or what is called Battle of Hulao Gate. This is the very first part of the story mode in the game Dynasty Warriors Unleashed for this mobile version. Of course since it’s only at the beginning, it will be very easy to skip it, let’s get straight to the walkthrough.

Part 1 The Alliance

In this first part we as part of the alliance army will fight the troops from Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu. According to Wikipedia, Lu Bu was a figure who was very good at fighting and Dong Zhuo was his adoptive father. Lu Bu is also a very cruel figure because in the end he killed Dong Zhuo who was his own adoptive father.
In this first part, you will only be dealing with soldiers from Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo, with the boss stage being Li Su. Use all the skills of the characters used to defeat the soldiers of Lu Bu and Li Su.

Part 2 High Alert

In this second part our task is to defeat the soldiers including Captain and then defeat Cao Xing. Use normal attacks and skills to replenish the Musou that will be used against Cao Xing.

Part 3 Elite Troops

In this third part, General Guan Yu appeared to help the alliance troops fight. Of course with help tiger general This makes the war easier to win. Our task here is to defeat 50 Soldiers and then defeat the Boss Stage Hua Xiong.

Part 4 Joining Forces

In this section there are quite a lot of opposing soldiers, be careful of their attacks, use all available skills and soldiers to fight with them. Fill in the musou to prepare for the Wang Fang stage boss

Part 5 Moving Lines

In part 5 this is not much different from the previous part, there are many soldiers to fight so be careful with their attacks. Save the musou to face Xu Rong.

Part 6 Enemy Forces

This section tells the story of Dong Zhuo’s troops who defended the place desperately. In this section you will fight Li Ru.

Part 7 Marching On

After succeeding in the previous battle, this time we are again dealing with enemy forces led by Gao Shun. Defeat the soldiers then defeat Gao Shun at the end of the game.

Part 8 The Ballista

Finally arriving at Hulao Gate, the war was heating up and the alliance troops led by Sun Jian were in a state of urgency. Help them by defeating the soldiers at the Hulao Gate. This part is somewhat different from the previous chapters due to the appearance of the Ballista, Dong Zhuo’s archery machine. Be careful because once exposed to food will drain a lot of blood and can die quickly. Defeat the ballista guard captain, then destroy the ballista.

Part 9 Hulao Fort

Now that we have arrived at Hulao Fort or Hulao Fort, soon this war will end. In this section we are not alone, Liu Bei appears to join the war. Be careful with the Golden Armor Soldier because the damage is quite painful. Don’t forget to change heroes if needed while waiting for the other hero skill delays to finish. Defeat the soldiers of Dong Zhuo and Zhang Ji at the end of the game.

Part 10 Legendary Lu Bu

This is the final part of the first episode, Battle of Hulao Gate. Of course because this is the end, we will face the boss of this episode and his abilities far exceed the bosses of the previous stages, especially the damage from his very sick attacks. This time we will face Lu Bu the great war general. Before dealing with Lu Bu, we will face off against his soldiers. On the way there will be a barrel containing a musou jar, break it and then take the jar so that the musou is full to prepare for Lu Bu. Be careful of the stone attacks from above which are marked with red circles on the ground because losing blood before fighting Lu Bu will be very dangerous. Take out Musou at the beginning of the fight followed by your character skills in turn. If Lu Bu looks like he’s about to attack, it’s better to run away and then attack again after he stops attacking.

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