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Here are some tips and how to counter Lancelot in Mobile Legends

Lancelot is one of the most troublesome assassins in the game because he has immunity when he uses his skills. Not only that, he also has the ability to reduce the opponent’s armor so the damage is quite painful. Many players have difficulty when dealing with this one hero. Here are some tips when dealing with Lancelot and how to beat him.

1. Wait for Lancelot to release all his skills (Avoid all skill attacks)
Lancelot’s skill has immunity to any skills and attacks so he has to wait for him to take out all his skills so that he can no longer avoid skill attacks or basic attacks.

2. Lock or Stun Lancelot
After all the skills come out, Lancelot no longer has immunity so he can be locked or stun. Use this opportunity to lock or stun Lancelot.

3. Defeat before the skill finishes delay
When Lancelot is in a state of stun or lock, this is the best time to defeat or finish him off. Use this short opportunity to issue all skills and basic attacks until Lancelot dies.

4. If the stun or lock effect on Lancelot has run out, repeat the first step
If all the skills and basic attacks have been removed but Lancelot is still not dead and there is still a lot of blood, go back to the first method to avoid the skill, but if the blood is just a little bit better chase it if possible, but don’t force it if he is near the tower because it could even be our hero who died.

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