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7 Heroes in Mobile Legends with the Fastest Escape Skill

Not all heroes in Mobile Legends have escape skills. Heroes who don’t have the escape skill are usually easier to beat. Here are 6 heroes who have good escape skills and abilities and can be used in ranked games.


With his ultimate skill, Johnson can run away quickly and even return to base in just a few seconds. Not only that, Johnson also has a shield when his blood is below 30% so escaping with the ultimate skill is not something that is difficult to do.


When Hilda activates her first skill, her movement speed increases drastically and no single hero can match her movement speed with this skill until now.

3. Karina

Karina’s first skill allows her to run quickly and has immunity to basic attacks so that when running, there is no need to be afraid of being attacked with basic attacks from opponents, especially marksman who have a long attack distance.


You could say Bruno’s second skill was made specifically for running, either running away or chasing opponents because when used, Bruno’s movement speed also increased.


Usually before Hayabusa issues the ultimate skill, he will issue a second skill to prepare to escape so that after the ultimate skill is issued he immediately moves to the shadow place that has been prepared by activating skill 2 again.


Harley’s way of escaping is similar to Hayabusa, usually players will use skill 2, namely putting a hat on before attacking the opponent, after that when he finishes attacking the opponent and Harley is being chased, he just needs to activate skill 2 again to return to where the hat was.


Natalia does not have a special skill to escape, but by getting into the bushes or grass, Natalia can disappear and the enemy is confused so that she doesn’t need to bother or panic because she is being chased by the enemy.

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