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These are 5 Deadly Heroes in Mobile Legends!

5. Moscow
Moskov is a marksman-type hero with passive skills that can attack opponents in a row. In addition, with his first active skill, Moskov can blink or move places in close range and increase his attack speed or attack speed according to the addition of his skill level. Moskov can also make enemies helpless for a few seconds with his second skill, thus giving Moskov the opportunity to get the first hit. Enemies can lose a lot of blood quickly when hit by the second skill and with Moskov’s attack speed increasing due to his first skill. Even running away can’t be an option when the blood is low because Moskov has the last skill to throw a spear that can hit the enemy even though he has fled to the base.

Strength :
– High Attack Speed ​​when the first skill is used
– Old Stun (Especially if the enemy is hit by grass or walls)
– Passive skills can attack multiple enemies at once

4. Miya
With her passive ability, Miya can be said to be a hero with attack speed that cannot be underestimated, especially at the beginning of the game. His attack speed can continue to increase up to 5 times more when he attacks his opponent.

Strength :
– High attack speed
– Can disappear for a while and increase attack speed and movement speed with the last / ultimate skill
– Can attack multiple enemies at once with the first skill

3. Zilong
Zilong is a hero who is often used to focus on stealing the opponent’s tower when all the opposing heroes are on a certain line. Not only that, Zilong also has high attack speed and damage that can’t be underestimated as well as fairly thick endurance or defense. With his second skill, Zilong can charge opponents who are at a certain distance.

Strength :
– Damage to enemy towers
– Balance of attack and defense (attack and defense)

2. Alucard
When all the items are ready, Alucard becomes one of the heroes that is difficult to beat because of his very high lifesteal percentage and the damage from his skills is so painful that he can defeat 2-3 enemies at once!

– Very high lifesteal especially when using ultimate skills

1. Karina
Karina is an assassin type hero with very deadly magic power because after killing the opponent’s hero, Karina’s ultimate skill can be reused immediately, aka no delay! Other skills also reduce the delay time after Karina kills the opponent’s hero. But if the opponent doesn’t die, the skill is delayed like other hero skills. In addition, Karina can also increase her movement speed with the first skill which is very useful for chasing escaping enemies. The damage and attack power of this hero is very high so it can kill opponents very quickly!

Strength :
– No skill delay after killing the opponent’s hero
– High damage
– High Movement Speed

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