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Tekken, the Legendary Fighting Game Now Available on Mobile!

Tekken, hearing the name alone must be familiar to fighting game lovers. Tekken which started on the Playstation and continues on the Playstation 2, is now also available on mobile, namely on Android and iOS. The Tekken fighting system on mobile is the same as on the Playstation which is 1 on 1. Only, we can choose 3 characters at the beginning to fight in story mode, and after finishing fighting the enemy, the character’s blood is not automatically filled again, but must use healing limited potions. Of course, with the limited healing potion, you must win the match with as few injuries as possible.

At the start of the game, players will be greeted with a tutorial to learn how to play and control the game. The controls in this Tekken mobile game are very easy, in contrast to the Playstation version which has to press various buttons to issue combos or skills. In Tekken Mobile, players simply choose a card to issue the character’s skill used. One of the important cards is the break defense (blue) to penetrate the opponent’s defense. With this card, the opponent’s defense becomes useless.

Source: Personal Document (Game Screenshot)

Another thing that is not found in the playstation version of Tekken is the level and star system, where the more stars a character has, the stronger the character is, as well as the higher the level, the stronger the character.

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