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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed, Learn Chinese History From Games

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed is a mobile version of the hack and slash game for Android and iOS based on Chinese history, namely the story of 3 kingdoms, between Shu led by Liu Bei, Wu led by Sun Quan, and Wei led by Cao Cao. In this game, players can choose various characters from the existing kingdoms. With these characters, players are asked to defeat every enemy in every battle. In this mobile version, players don’t need to take long to finish each stage, only about 5 minutes for 1 stage so that they can be played in their spare time. Not only that, the characters in the game can also be modified according to their needs so they can defeat strong enemies in the game.

In this game there is also a level and star system, where higher levels and stars indicate higher hero qualities and abilities compared to lower stars and levels. Players can also collect heroes from existing stages and there are daily quests that can be completed every day to get rewards in the form of new characters or armor or weapons that can be used to strengthen characters.

Apart from these levels and stars, this game is also equipped with good graphics quality and is no less exciting than other hack and slash games. Curious as to what the gameplay of this game is like? Watch the following video.

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