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Guide Build Gear Akai Strongest MVP Mobile Legends

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Before Johnson returned as the hero of choice in Mobile Legends, Akai was the only tank that was very troublesome and often banned. The reason is that the ultimate skill can push the opponent into the wall or towards the tower so that the enemy becomes very difficult to escape when pushed with this skill. This is Akai’s Guide to MVP in Ranked Game Mobile Legends.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)

Take the first skill (Thousand Pounder) first to jump at the opponent. In addition to deal damage, this skill can also stun the opponent for 1 second and can also be used to escape. Prioritize the first skill to be leveled up compared to the second skill (Blender). After reaching level 4, take the ultimate skill, namely Hurricane Dance. After getting this skill, Akai becomes a hero who is quite afraid of the opponent because it can push the opponent into the wall so that the opponent cannot move or cast skills at all. Because of the tank hero, Akai doesn’t need hunting or jungling in the forest. Just focus on tower defense and help teammates when attacked by opponents. Take the ultimate skill level 2 when Akai reaches level 8.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)

In the mid game, some of Akai’s items should be ready so that Akai’s defense is high enough and can advance on the front lines when there is a war or war. When a war occurs, jump towards the enemy, then immediately use the Petrify battle spell so that the opponent does not move for a moment, then go forward with his back to the opponent and immediately use the ultimate skill to push the opponent towards our team so that the opposing hero will be immediately bombarded with attacks by our team and die instantly . As much as possible target marksman or assassin because usually these 2 heroes are the most dangerous. Take Akai’s ultimate skill level 3 when Akai reaches level 12.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)

In the late game focus on war and guarding the tower. Be careful of group attacks from the opposing side because even though Akai’s defense is high and very thick, that doesn’t mean he can’t die.

Item Build

Warrior Boots

Functions to increase movement speed by 40, also adds 22 armor. In addition, it also increases defense by 5 points from every physical basic attack received up to 25 points.

Cursed Helmet
In addition to increasing HP and magic defense, the cursed helmet also reduces the opponent’s HP by 1.5% and adds 50% damage to minions, very useful because Akai’s damage as a tank is not as big as marksman or assassin

Dominance Ice

Dominance ice is useful for adding 500 mana, 70 armor, and reducing 5% critical chance to Akai, besides that it also reduces the cooldown of 15% skills and reduces enemy movement speed by 5% and attack speed by 30%. Very useful for reducing Akai’s ultimate skill delay


Adds 500 HP and 40 Magic Resistance. In addition, when Akai is killed or defeated, it can revive with this item with 15% HP and a shield of 300-1000 points for 3 seconds, but this effect can only be used for 180 seconds or every 3 minutes.

Athena’s Shield

Adds 900 HP, 56 Magic Resistance, and 20 HP Regen, Gets a shield every 30 seconds.

Thunder Bolt

In addition to adding 800 HP and 30 Mana regen, this item also reduces 5% cooldown skills, adds 40 armor, and 15 HP regen. Very useful for strengthening the defense of Akai’s hero.

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