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These 3 Heroes in Mobile Legends Can Disappear !!!

Many heroes have the ability to escape in Mobile Legends, but only a few heroes have the ability to disappear. Of course defeating a hero who can disappear is not as easy as defeating another hero because it can’t be seen. Currently there are 3 heroes with the ability to disappear which are very troublesome for the enemy.

1. Natalia

This one hero can disappear just by getting into the bushes or grass in a few seconds. The weakness of Natalia’s disappearing skill is that when close to the enemy, there will be an exclamation mark above the enemy hero so that the enemy can know Natalia is nearby.

2. Miya

Miya’s ultimate skill makes him a very fast archer both in movement and attack speed, but not only that, he also disappears for a while, making the enemy confused. This skill is very useful when Miya is being chased by the enemy or when she is against the enemy.

3. Lesley

Actually Lesley didn’t really disappear, but so it was very difficult to see even basic attacks couldn’t automatically aim at him when the skill was activated.

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