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Guide Build Gear Miya Savage is the Sickest and Strongest in Mobile Legends

Miya the Moonlight Archer was her nickname. This hero has the passive ability to increase attack speed when attacking his opponent. This skill makes it difficult to match, especially at the beginning of the game. In addition, when the ultimate skill is activated, Miya will disappear for a moment from the enemy’s sight. Currently, the ability to disappear is only owned by some heroes in Mobile Legends. Not only that, with his first skill, Miya can attack 3 enemies at once! Of course, because Miya is a marksman type hero, the damage will definitely hurt. With great damage and area attacks, this hero becomes very scary when all the items are ready. Getting double kills and triple kills with this hero is not difficult if the build items and skills are correct, sometimes even maniac and savage. This is the strategy to play and build Miya with the strongest and sickest gear in Mobile Legends.

Miya Skills

Turbo (Passive)
Every time a basic attack hits the target, Miya’s attack speed will increase by 5% for 4 seconds and can be stacked up to 8 times.

Fission Shot
Miya divides her basic attack into 2 arrows so that it can hit more than 1 opponent.

Rain of Arrows
Miya shoots a barrage of arrows into the area specified by the player and gives 5 hits to the opponent and gives a slow effect. The fourth hit will freeze the opponent.

Turbo Stealth (Ultimate)
Removes all movement impairing effects, becomes invisible for 1.5 seconds and gains an increase in attack speed and movement speed for a while.


Early Games

Take the buff on the bottom line after that you can go straight to the mid. Or it could be if you want to go straight to the mid, use the grass to hide, then attack the enemy by activating the first inspire and skill, if successful, the enemy’s blood can usually be reduced by 50%. Often for hunting / jungling to quickly level up so that it can outperform the opponent’s hero. Be careful of the enemy, it’s better not to be too far from the tower because sometimes the enemy attacks the marksman so that the level is left behind and the goods are not finished.

Mid Game
In the Mid Game, Miya is strong enough (4 items are ready), but because of her weak defense, Miya can be defeated by a fighter-type hero like Zilong. For that, be careful with fighter type heroes, unless you win levels and items.

Late Game
Miya’s damage is already very painful, but don’t forget the opponent’s damage will also increase. For that Miya must be together with the team, especially the tank type hero so that Miya is not attacked. Be careful with assassins or mages who can instantly kill like Karina because Miya could die without attacking the opponent. In the late game, marksman is usually highly targeted, especially by assassins.

Plan B
If it doesn’t go according to plan where the enemy manages to break into our towers and the level is left behind, then avoid the enemy until at least 4 finished items, because before that Miya wasn’t too strong.

Item Build

Haas Claw

Without this item Miya is very weak, because her defense is small and has no lifesteal skill. With this item, Miya has a 20% lifesteal ability. His fast attack will make him difficult to defeat because his blood will continue to increase when attacking the enemy.

Swift Boots

These shoes increase Miya’s movement speed and attack speed.

Berserker Fury

This item serves to increase Miya’s critical chance and critical damage.

Scarlet Phantom

After Critical and movement speed, it’s time to increase Miya’s attack speed. Coupled with passive skills that increase attack speed, of course the attack speed becomes very fast like light.


This item increases movement speed, attack speed, and critical probability, but not as much as the previous 3 items. You could say this is an additional item that strengthens Miya’s attributes.

Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair which is Miya’s last item serves to increase basic damage up to 170 points and will increase if the enemy is in an abnormal state such as stun or slow.