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The Easy Way to Change the Language on the Latest Instagram (IG) 2021

How to change the language of the latest ig

How to Change the Language on Instagram Easily By 2021 at the latest – Instagram or commonly referred to as IG is the most popular social medium and is widely used by people from different parts of the world.

Not just ordinary people who use this IG application, celebrities and government officials also use the Instagram application as an option when using social media.

Usually people use Instagram to share stories from their daily life and upload them in the form of pictures or short videos for his followers and other Instagram app users to see.

This social media application is very popular indeed and no less competitive than other major social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Unsurprisingly, it’s so popular, perhaps because of its features that suit most people’s interests.


When using the Instagram application, the default language used is Indonesian. However, there are also users who may be using a language other than the default language while using this Instagram application.

Nevertheless, changing the language is not difficult here either, since it was provided directly in the settings. So we can change the language according to our wishes and tastes.

We can change the language to other languages ​​like English, Mandarin, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Latin and other languages ​​available there.

We just have to choose which language we want to use on our Instagram account. To change the language we can do this in the settings. However, if you don’t understand, here are the steps you can follow to change it.


1. First my friend, open the Instagram application and then choose the menu profile that’s bottom right.

How to change the language in the new Instagram version

2. Then select the functions three lines which is at the top right.

How to change ig language on pc

3. Then select Menu settings what’s at the bottom.

How to change Instagram language to Indonesian

4. After entering the settings area, scroll down and find the option language. When you find it, click on the option.

Instagram language

5. Various language options will then be displayed. My friend selects the language I want. This way, the language of your Instagram account will instantly change according to the one you choose.

How to change Instagram language 2021

So now you know how to change the language?

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That’s an easy way to change the language on Instagram that you can try right away. Hopefully this information can be useful to all of you. That’s the whole discussion, good luck.

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