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Powerful! 2 ways to watch TV for free on your mobile phone without paying

How to Watch TV on Android Phone 2021 oppo samsung xiaomi vivo realme asus

How to Watch TV for Free on Android and iOS Phones – Watching TV has become a habit for some people, especially when they are relaxed it is of course a lot more fun. In addition to being a medium of entertainment and a place for recreation, television media can also be a source of information and knowledge as there will be many television programs broadcasting news and the world of education.

Over time and through the ages that have entered the modern age, televisions have now been marketed to consumers who were present in such a good design. With a thin and wide appearance and design, of course, it is inversely proportional to the state of television decades ago.

On television, we can watch different types of broadcasts and what television channels are available there. We can see soap operas, breaking news, dramas, sports, celebrities, comedy, etc. that are only available on television programs.

If we have seen soap operas, news, etc. often, it becomes difficult for us to escape from it all. However, we of course know that we cannot always watch our favorite programs on time, as many obstacles sometimes come in our way.

For this reason, we are looking for solutions so that we can watch our favorite programs on TV while traveling or away from home.

After a long search, it turns out that a new breakthrough has been made for people to watch TV while traveling. Well the solution is to watch TV through HP (Android and iOS).

Have you ever thought that the mobile phone you use can allow you to watch channels and shows on TV just like a real TV?

It turns out that it can and is true. user Smartphone Android and iOS, now you can watch TV on your phone for free, you have to pay money to watch TV on your phone. So go anywhere we don’t miss our favorite television programs because we can watch them on our cell phones.

So if you are looking for a way to watch TV on your mobile phone, here are the steps and ratings you can see and follow.


Are you looking for a way to watch TV on your phone for free? Then you can try the Vidio application.

This Vidio application is an application for watching and streaming videos online. In addition, there is now the latest feature, which is online streaming of local television.

Free online TV app

Users can download the application for free from the Playstore and Appstore and then immediately watch any channel or video directly and free of charge, including local TV channels.

Viewing in this video application is free. The only slight disadvantage is that you cannot go offline, but have an Internet connection or have to use a data quota in order to be able to watch TV here.

If you want to use this Vidio application to watch TV online, you can download it directly from the Playstore or Appstore by writing Video Find menu.


If you want to watch TV without any application on your phone, you can do so directly on the website Streaming Local online TV, namely on the tvonline id website.

This site features many local TV channels in our country. So you don’t have to worry because your favorite channel is of course also available on the website.

How to watch TV on Android phone without internet

Using this site to watch TV online is also very simple and straightforward. You can visit the site directly by opening a browser and then typing Then choose which channel or TV channel you want to watch.

Please also note that an internet connection is also required to watch TV on this site. So it doesn’t work without a data contingent. The longer the display time, the greater the use of the data quota.

A more cost-effective solution is to use WiFi. However, it all revolves around you, whether you want to use WiFi or use a data quota to be able to watch TV online.

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These are 2 ways that can help you all get to watch TV on HP. Buddy can choose what you think is much better and according to your needs. That’s the whole discussion, hopefully useful.

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