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2 quick ways to easily screenshot on Vivo HP without any applications

2 easy ways to screenshot on Vivo HP without any applications – With a vivo cell phone? But you don’t know how to take a screenshot? No need to worry as my friend can easily do this with just 2 short ways explained below.

As we know, the vivo mobile phone has a lot of uniqueness in the functions contained in it, such as the flashlight function, screenshot function, key functions and other functions.

Talking about the screenshot feature, it seems like it is different from several other types of Android phones. Why?

Well, when we usually use the (volume / lock) key to be able to take screenshots on our phones, the Vivo phone turns out to be completely different and a little bit unique compared to the others.

Vivo phone users can easily take screenshots by swiping their fingers without using any applications or other third-party providers.

Very unique, right? However, the screenshot function by pressing the button is still valid and can be used by other Vivo phone users as another option to take quick screenshots.

To be clear, here are 2 ways to take screenshots on all types of Vivo phones (vivo y53, y71, y91, y81, 1606, y93, y83, y95, v5, v9 and others) quickly and without any application.


– First step

Well, there are two ways that Vivo phone users can easily take screenshots. One of the easiest ways is to rub your finger.

Surely this one method is a little different, isn’t it? Even the screenshot method by swiping your finger is much faster than the common method. How it goes?

Well, the first step you need to do is to enable the feature first in order for it to be used. To activate it, my friend can go to Settings >> Screenshot >> Create a screenshot quickly, then activate the function key named Swipe the screen capture with three fingers.

If the function has been activated successfully, you can now take screenshots directly by swiping your finger. The trick, my friend selects which area you want to take screenshots, then use your three fingers, then swipe and swipe up to capture the screen.

How to take a screenshot of a vivo phone with three fingers

That way, the screenshot will be successful immediately and the screenshot will be successful.

– Second way

Aside from swiping three fingers to capture the screen, there are also ways that Vivo phone users can take screenshots. Well, you can do that by pressing the lock button and the sound button at the same time.

Perhaps this method is not too strange because it has been used many times by humans. There is, of course, a slight difference in how screenshots are taken in it.

To take a screenshot in this second way, my friend can choose which area to capture and then press the volume down button and the lock button at the same time. In this way, the screenshot is taken immediately and successfully.

How to take a screenshot on a vivo mobile phone

Remember you have to press both buttons. If only 1 key is pressed, the screenshot will not be successful.

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These are 2 quick ways to take screenshots on Vivo phones that you can use. Hopefully this information can be useful and helpful to all Vivo cellphone users. That’s all 2 quick tips can do. Much luck.

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