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Get Alucard LEGEND Skin (Obsidian Blade) script for free 2021

Download script Skin Alucard Legende Zip Full Effect Mobile Legend

Free Alucard Obsidian Blade LEGEND Skin Script – Hero who is one of the ways and advantages of hero users fighter in the game Mobile Legends (ML) the hero is Alucard.

Hero who has a role fighter In Mobile Legends, there is no doubt that it will be damage which he gives to every opponent in his immediate vicinity.

In addition, with objects Robbery of life Also known as Blood Enhancing Items, then Alucard’s life and blood will certainly not run out anytime soon, as any ability Alucard gives his opponents only extends the lives of Alucard’s heroes.

In addition to this, this Alucard hero is also often touted as one of the deadly heroes who is very much respected by the players of this Mobile Legends game. But that’s true because every skill issued by the Helden-Alucard scores on average damage that was great for any opponent he’d targeted.

Hero Alucard is one of the oldest heroes in the Mobile Legends game. hero fighter this has long been present along with several other oldest heroes such as Karina, Hilda, Alpha, Estes and several other heroes.

With his long-standing presence, Alucard’s hero has now received several updates, both in terms of his abilities and the hero’s looks and skin.

In addition, Alucard’s hero has also gotten some cool skin supplements that can make Alucard’s hero look nicer. Well, the Alucard hero skin is like skin Lonely hero, Fiery inferno, Child of the case (EPIC), Romantic Fantasy (SPECIAL), and some other skins.

However, there is one of the latest skins released for the Hero Alucard. Well, this skin is a skin Legend What name is Obsidian blade.

Obviously it is very difficult to get this Alucard Legend skin because we are in the Magic wheel and get the Magic Crystal so that it can be exchanged for the Legend Alucard Skin.

So if you want to get the skin for free without having to use diamonds, you can get it using an ml script. To make it clearer my friend can do the following steps.

First, my friend, first download the alucard legend script file HERE.


After you have successfully downloaded the script file, you can use the application to extract it Zarchiver. If you don’t have the application, you can download it directly from the Playstore or Appstore by typing Zarchiver in the search menu.

After that, copy the extracted script file and move it to android >> data >> >> files >> dragon >> assets >> document >> Android = now the last one here, my friend can paste the script file.

Then you can open your Mobile Legends game and see the results. Skin Legend Alucard managed to get my friend just for free.

Remarks : It is recommended to use a small account or a Smurf account if you want to use the ml skin script file. This is just in case a large account or master account is safe and things happen that are undesirable.

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That’s a quick discussion on how to get Alucard legend skin for mobile legends. Hopefully this information can be useful and useful to all Mobile Legends players, especially Alucard hero players. That’s the whole Alucard script discussion, good luck.

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