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Successfully! How to Get Free Clothes on PUBG Mobile

How do I get Pubg iconic clothing for free?  Get grass clothes types of legendary clothes from Pubg

How to get clothes for free on PUBG Mobile – Hi friends PUBG players, wherever you are, on this occasion the admin will share some tips with all of you on how to get clothes on PUBG Mobile or free clothes on the latest PUBG Mobile in 2021.

Who are gamers who don’t know PUBG Mobile? Well, of course, almost all players must already know and be familiar with this PUBG Mobile game.

PlayerUnknown BattleGround or what is commonly referred to as PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular gamesgenre Battle Royale which is very popular with people in several countries around the world, including our country.

Playing in the PUBG Mobile game is a lot of fun indeed because we feel like we are playing games with gamesgenre Battle Royale only through the smartphones we have. In addition, players can still play it on PC.

There are also various items in this PUBG Mobile game that aim to complete the game to make it even more exciting. Well, when we talk about items in this game, there is one item that is very popular and highly sought after by every player in this game that will be discussed this time, which is the item dresses or costumes in PUBG Mobile.

Having cool and rare clothes is of course every PUBG gamer’s dream. However, we know that if you want to have cool clothes and clothes, of course you have to spend money cashif the name is in this PUBG game Unknown cash that we have to spend real money to have it. However, if you want to know how to Unknown cash It’s free so my friend can read it here.

How to get legendary PUBG clothes, PUBG-free weed clothes, and free costumes on PUBG Mobile are often sought after by players of this game. The name is free, who doesn’t want it? Of course everyone wants it. We also know that when it comes to clothes in PUBG, you have to buy cool clothes on average cash. However, my friend doesn’t have to worry because here the admin will give a few tips on how to do it How to get free clothes on PUBG Mobile easily to all friends. Here is the review.

How to get clothes for free on PUBG Mobile

1. Unpacking in the shop

How to get Pubg mobile grass clothes How to get Pubg clothes

One way to get free clothing like clothes, pants, etc in PUBG for free is to open a box in the store for just 700 BP.

By opening the box in the shop, there is a high chance that you will get pants, clothes, shoes and other clothing accessories for free without having to spend any money.

All of the items of clothing that you get hold of are permanent, unlimited in time and can be used at any time.

2. Unpacking the daily missions

Another way to get free PUBG game clothes is to open boxes from daily missions.

The Daily Box is of course available every day and contains gifts such as pants, shirts, shoes and other items of clothing.

So my friend has to complete the daily mission first and then can only open the box with these unique gifts.

3. reward Login for new player

For those of you who are relatively new to the PUBG Mobile game, you can get free clothes by requesting prizes from Login rewards Daily.

This daily login reward is basically aimed at new players in this game. So don’t let your friend miss this rare opportunity that is only available once in this PUBG Mobile game.

Claiming it will give you a range of pants, clothes, shoes, and other accessories that you can get for free without having to buy them.

4. Random prey

The next way to get clothes on PUBG Mobile is to do the following: prey.

In this PUBG game, if you get off the plane and then go to a house or building to loot, you will get different kinds of clothes like pants, shirts, hats and shoes.

However, of course, you cannot have all of these clothes permanently, so you can only borrow them to use them when they are only needed game.

5. Unpack from the ticket redemption

The next way to get free Pubg Mobile clothing is to open the box for ticket redemption.

Usually the missions we can get have a duration or a month. What is certain, however, is that the free items of clothing available through this method are certainly cool and very rare.

6. Ascend

One way to get free costumes on PUBG Mobile is to level up.

Every time there is an action or levelOf course, my friend can get the prices provided. Buddy can play at more often Fashion class to raise your rank. At least you have to reach that level Diamonds to receive 1 free set of clothes. For friends who want to know how to have an emote in this game, you can read here.

That’s all discussion tutorial How to get PUBG Mobile clothing for free easily that you can follow. Hopefully this can be useful to all of you and don’t forget to share it with other friends. Greetings gamers!

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