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How to Get Lesley Skin (EPIC) Stellaris Ghost for Free

How to Get the Latest Free Epic Lesley Stellaris Ghost Skin

How to Get Lesley EPIC Stellaris Ghost Skin for Free – Hello friends, fans of Mobile Legends games, on this occasion the administrator will publish a guide on how to get the Lesley Stellaris Ghost skin for free.

As we know, this legendary mobile game is constantly on the rise. I don’t know why this moba game is still very popular, maybe because the game is fun and can be played together with friends, girlfriends, family and other closest people, that’s why a lot of people still choose this moba Genre game.

In addition, there are also many hero characters in the Mobile Legends game and each hero has their own role, strength and uniqueness. Just as there are heroes who have the roles of tank, rifleman, mage, supporter, fighter, assassin, and there are even heroes who have two roles at the same time, one of which is the hero Lesley.

Hero Lesley in Mobile Legends has two roles, namely shooter and assassin. On closer inspection and familiarity, however, it turns out that Lesley’s hero role tends more towards the role of the shooter. So don’t be surprised if most of the teams in Mobile Legends games refer to Lesley as mm.


Having luxurious skin is a dream for every Mobile Legends gamer indeed. Not only does it look more professional, but it is also widely used by gamers to look nicer and cooler while playing.

One of the ml hero skins that is in high demand by mobile legend players is the Lesley Stellaris Ghost skin. This epic hero skin looks so luxurious and elegant, both in terms of looks and costumes.

Unfortunately, this skin is only available at certain times, so not all players can have it free. However, my friend needn’t worry as the admin has one way to do it downstairs which is using a script. For more information, see the simple steps below.


First, you need to download the Lesley Stellaris Ghost skin script first, which you can download here> first.

After that, my friend, copy the script you just downloaded:

Android >> DATA >> >> Files >> Dragon >> Assets >> Documents >> Android >> = In this last part you insert the script and just overwrite it.

Complete! Now you can try it out right away. Be aware, however, that using this script will make your ML account prone to being banned. So the administrator recommends that you use it on a small account just in case. If you don’t have a small account, you can try creating one by: delete data Mobile Legends game, and then sign in with an email that has never been linked to an old account. Also Read: Free Epic Fanny Skylark Skin Script For Mobile Legends.

It’s just an easy way to get a free epic Lesley skin. Hopefully this will be useful to all ml players and don’t forget to share them with other friends.

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