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So get free and lots of dead target funds and gold

How to Get Gold Gold and Cash Game Dead Target – Hi friends, wherever you are, if there is a good opportunity the admin will share some tips this time for those of you who want to know how to get free and lots of dead target game gold and cash.

Best Offline Game: Dead Target Zombie or commonly known as Dead Target is one of the zombie themed offline games on Android / iOS that is played by people of all ages.

Despite being an offline game, this zombie game from Dead Target is no less exciting than several other online games that are similar to it. The game is unique where we have to shoot every zombie that approaches to attack us and survive by killing every zombie that tries to attack us.

As with other games, there is also digital currency in the Dead Target Zombie game, namely with cash and gold. The two digital currencies of the Dead Target game also have almost the same role, which is to buy items that are available in the Dead Target game.


Of course, there are several ways you can go to get gold-gold and cash dead goals. Of course, not everything is quick and a lot. So, if you want to get free Gold and Cash Dead Goals, there are a few tips you can see and follow how to get dead target gold and money for free underneath.

1. Via the Dead Target redemption code

One way to get gold and cash for dead target play money is through Coupon Code or in Indonesian, namely the stock exchange code.

If you have Redemption Code for Dead Target, then there is nothing wrong with trying to exchange the exchange code for any of the items, including cash and gold in the Dead Target game for free.

If you have Redeem code the dead target, then my friend immediately swapped it by entering the game Dead Target >> Settings >> Exchange Code. There you simply enter the redemption code and if so, you can claim the displayed prize immediately.

2. Watch the video

Another way to get free gold in Dead Target game is by watching videos.

The video viewing feature itself is a feature provided by the developer to help the users user Game application to get gold for free.

Of course, by watching the video, the gold won is not that much. However, this will really help add gold quickly as it will definitely build up a lot over time.

However, this of course requires a data quota and will certainly waste more quotas when using your own quota compared to using WiFi. Hence, it is more advisable to use WiFi if you want to get dead target-free gold by watching videos.

To watch here, my friend can enter the game Dead Target >> Free Gold >> Select Video Type. Usually the duration for each video is no more than 30 seconds.

3. About the mod apk

If you want to be able to get lots of gold, gold, and cash, a modified game application can give you a try.

Usually Dead Target Game players use Dead Target Game cheats without root or use the Lucky Patcher for wider access. It’s no different from this mod application though, you can get lots of gold and cash in Dead Target game too.

The first step you need to do is download the mod application. You can download it from this link>. So that the installation process can go smoothly, my friend then goes to the settings or settings >> Security >> Unknown source or unknown source. Open and run the game application. Complete!

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That’s all about the declaration How do I get free gold and dead target money in the game? that you can try. Hopefully this will be useful to all of you and don’t forget to share it with other friends. Much luck.

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