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Startling! Baratayuda AOV Server will Join Valiant (MSP)!

Startling!  Baratayuda AOV Server will Join Valiant (MSP)!

Arena of Valor and Garena gave shocking news for all Indonesian AOV lovers.

They decided to merge Indonesia’s Baratayuda server with Valiant’s servers consisting of Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines (MSP).

The MSP or Valiant server itself is a server that was created one year after the Baratayuda server for Indonesian players. So far, it is still unknown what the official name of this new server will be.

Regarding this server merger, AOV said that this action was taken to increase the level of competition for all players from these countries.

Of course, every decision must result in pros and cons in the community. Those who don’t agree with this merger reason that they will meet more and more toxic and trolling players

However, the author agrees more with those who are pro against Garena’s decision. This server merger will allow players to experience a different meta that was previously dominant on MSP servers.

With the meeting of these two metas, it is certain that a new meta will emerge which is an amalgamation of the two.

In addition, it will be easier for professional teams and other players to find hidden diamonds on the MSP server and invite them to play together to form a new team.

Source: Garena AOV Indonesia

Interestingly, there are also those who think that this merger is due to the lack of players on these two servers.

If you look at the length of time it takes to find a balanced match, it seems that this assumption is also true.

However, if we look at the audience who packed the ESL Indonesia Championship event to support EVOS Esports and SES Asli Enaaak yesterday, we can be sure that AOV has no shortage of fans, especially in Indonesia.

The author has contacted Garena regarding the statement from this community but still has not received a response until this article is up.


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