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Who Said OP? It turns out that how to counter Hayate AOV is very easy!

Who Said OP?  It turns out that how to counter Hayate AOV is very easy

Lots gamer who said that the newest hero in AOV, Hayate, very over powered alias OP. But it turns out the counter way Hayate AOV not hard!

Strength Hayate is at high damage as a archer. Other than that, attack speed from Hayate also very fast so it can give accumulation damage the big one in fight.

But with all its advantages, Hayate can be quite easy to counter. There are some tips that can be followed to fight Hayate.

Pressure Lane

First is to put pressure on the lane Hayate so that he becomes difficult to farming. Hayate desperately need items to be strong.

Therefore, maximize the pressure in Hayate’s lane, for example by more active support pressing Hayate’s existing lane from the opponent.

If possible, the midlaner can occasionally roam to the existing Hayate lane from the enemy so that the enemy cannot do farming optimally.

Combo stun+Burst Damage

Next is to use a combination when teamfight with a hero who has a lot of CC, especially stun, and there is a hero that gives high burst damage.

As an archer, Hayate is very sick when dealing damage. But of course he became very soft to finish.

Make sure he is stun or slow first so he can’t move freely, then immediately follow up with high burst damage to eliminate Hayate from the map.

Items The Aegis

Hayate’s strengths are not only attack speed, but also movement speed which is quite fast as an archer. So as a tank, of course you are familiar with The Aegis, right?

Use The Aegis as one of the items to use. The passivity of The Aegis would be very troublesome for a Hayate!

Hayate will experience a reduction in attack speed and movement speed so that it will be easier to target and less slippery.


Joker AOV

Finally, quoted from the youtube channel of one of AOV’s pro players, Steven Age, Joker is a hero who can be the answer and counter to Hayate AOV.

Skill-wise, all the Joker’s abilities can fight Hayate in a landslide. The long rocket distance, crowd control, 2 anti-physical damage skills and the ultimate Joker will make Hayate not move.

But what must be noted, maximize the potential of the Joker by building burst damage to counter Hayate AOV.

That’s the easy way to fight Hayate in AOV. Even though in terms of damage and skills there are still many who say OP, that doesn’t mean Hayate will be able to be arbitrarily and can’t be defeated in this game AOV.

You guys have a counter Hayate other? Tell through the comments column below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, especially those who are often annoyed with Hayate.


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