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It Turns Out Very Easy! Here Are 4 Tricks To Win When Surrounded at Garena Free Fire!

Very easy!  This is a trick to win when surrounded in Garena Free Fire!

Being surrounded is indeed the most uncomfortable position in a battle royale game like Garena Free Fire. But it’s not impossible to win when surrounded by opponents if we master this Free Fire trick!

When in a besieged position, the possibility of dying or being knocked out is very large, but that does not mean that you will definitely lose because the chance of victory is still there even if it is small.

To perform the Free Fire trick that can bring victory even though it has been surrounded, there are several things that must be considered and involve items and how to play, in addition to qualified skills.

Gloo Wall

The first is to maximize the use of Gloo Wall. There are 2 important functions played by Gloo Wall when surrounded by enemies. The first is to completely hide, the second is to cover vision from one of the encircling directions.

Now, because these 2 functions can be obtained simultaneously, when using Gloo Wall, don’t just stand still while waiting for the enemy. Use Gloo Wall to close the enemy’s vision that is still far away (usually snipers), then come towards the enemies that are not covered by Gloo Wall and kill them one by one.

When we can finish off the enemy in that direction, our position will be safer because the enemy’s siege is reduced. After eliminating the enemy, don’t forget to return to using Gloo Wall because maybe we will need to use a medkit first.


Second is the use of Landmine. If it’s not safe to use Gloo Wall to protect yourself from the enemy from behind, throw Lindmine in the path that the enemy predicts will pass to rush towards us.

Using Landmine to fight in a besieged position is more about protecting yourself from enemy rushers. Therefore, it will be more useful to use Landmine when we choose to move to a safer place first.

But Landmine will also be very useful when fighting enemies rushing from various directions, where we can block one rusher and fight another rusher first.

duck down

The third is always moving down. Even though we are in a besieged position, we are still able to move freely, even to surprise the enemy because it moves without being detected with a crouching motion.

Never stand innocent when surrounded by enemies because it can be seen and also more and more shooting targets. Keep ducking when using Gloo Wall, both to move and to serve the war.

Change Weapon

The last is adept at changing weapons with secondary. When the enemy does rush, of course there will be more and more opponents to deal with. If we can defeat one enemy and knock, our enemy’s teammates will likely rush from the other direction.

The condition of the bullets in our weapons has certainly decreased, even the possibility has run out. Instead of spending time reloading which takes time, it’s better to switch to secondary to fight enemies from other directions.

Those are four easy tricks you can do when you are surrounded or trapped in Free Fire. By mastering these tricks, it is very likely that we can actually win even though we are surrounded.

Do you have any other tricks to overcome the enemy’s siege? Write in the comments column yes. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, especially those who play Free Fire.


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