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Simple! How to delete a profile photo in Hago Game

How to delete a profile photo in the game Hago 2021 – Playing in an application that has a variety of unique and interesting games is of course a pleasure in itself. Well, that’s how you play in this Hago game.

One application that we can use as a place to play dozens of unique and exciting games is the Hago application.

The Hago application is a game application that is easy to find in the Playstore & Appstore. We can download the application for free at just 48MB in size.

The first time you download and use the Hago application, you will need to log in. Sign up here, we can do this in a number of ways such as: B. Via Facebook, Email, Line and various other methods.

After logging in, we can play any game that is included in it for free and for free. Even so, we have to use the data quota in order to be able to play here, as the games in the Hago application are online games in which we play and meet strangers we don’t know.

In addition, we can play games with our closest people (Mabar) on Hago, e.g. B. with friends, relatives, girlfriends and other relatives. This will of course make a more exciting impression when you play with people we know.


Many players post their profile photos for several reasons. The installed profile photo will of course be seen by other players, especially other players who are our opponents.

Sometimes the profile photo we have installed doesn’t make us so comfortable that we want to delete the profile photo.

But on the verge of deleting, we don’t find a clear option to delete the profile photo, so we think that the profile photo has no option to delete.

But you don’t have to worry because there is an option to delete profile photos, although you don’t understand exactly where the options to delete profile photos are in the Hago application.

You can follow the simple steps below to delete a profile photo on Hago. Deleting photos here is very easy. How to delete profile photos on Hago Game.

1. First of all, my friend, first open the Hago application and then select the profile picture shown in the top left.

How to delete a profile photo in Hago game

2. Then tap on your profile picture.

How to delete a profile photo in the game hago

3. Then select the Edit Profile menu in the upper right corner.

How to delete a profile photo in the Hago app

4. Whichever profile photo tab you want to delete, a menu for deleting photos will appear. After the delete menu appears, then the tab Clear, then the profile photo will be automatically deleted immediately.

It turned out to be very easy, right?

In fact, at first we did not clearly understand the function of deleting the profile photo, so we thought that the uploaded profile photo could no longer be deleted.

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How to delete a profile photo in Hago game that you can try right away. Hopefully this can be useful and help all Hago players. So far the discussion about the game Hago, that’s all and good luck.

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