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Easy ways to change the language in the Webnovel application

How to easily change the language in Webnovel 2021 – One application that allows us to read comics and novels online and for free is Webnovel.

The webnovel application is one of the online comic book and novel applications that we can easily find on the playstore and appstore.

We can also download and read comics and novels for free, depending on what’s available there.

The Webnovel app has been released for more than 2 years and now has more than 5 million downloads. This certainly shows that the application of comics and novels to this is in fact very much in demand by those who enjoy reading comics online.

Additionally, the comics and novels in Webnovel are also cool and good because they are of different types genre that we can choose which one we like.

We can find novels and comics in different languages ​​like comics and novels in English, Indonesian and other languages.

Of course, with the availability of comics and novels in foreign languages, it can also increase our skills in foreign languages, especially English, since comics and novels are mainly available in English.

Of course, not all readers want to use a foreign language and there are also readers who want to use a foreign language.

So if you feel like it Change the language in the web novel, then you can follow the simple steps below. episode How to change the language in Webnovel.

1. Please open the application Web novel She.

2. Then select the type of reading you want to change the language for. Options are available Comic and novel.

3. Then select the function menu at the top right. For more details you can see the picture below.

How to change the Webnovel language

4. Next select the menu “Content language“.

How to change the language in Webnovel

5. A selection of different languages ​​will then appear, such as Indonesian, Malay and Filipino. If you want to change it to English, you can choose the option Global >> German. After the desired language has been selected, press “SUBMIT“.

Language settings in Webnovel

Complete! After you’ve selected the language you want to use to read any comic or novel content, the language of the content will change according to the language you selected. Of course it’s easy, isn’t it?

That’s the discussion about How to change the language in the Webnovel app what you can try. Hopefully this can be useful to all of you. Much luck.

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