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How to buy coins in the Higgs Domino 2021 game

How to buy coins on Higgs Domino – Higgs Domino is one of the game applications for Android and iOS that can be downloaded for free from the Playstore and Appstore.

Of course, for those of you who love to play card games, you know this one game application. The Higgs Domino game is now available in an application that can be downloaded for free from popular download stores such as Playstore and Appstore.

It can be said that the game at Higgs Domino is pretty fun and never gets boring. Why?

That’s because our Higgs Domino friends are the people who play too, not bots.

So that also determines our game. In order to play in this game we need to use a data quota to connect and play against other players.

There are different types of rooms available in the Higgs Domino Island game application. away Regular Room, Bet Room, Texas, and QiuQiu.

When our coins have reached more than 6 million, we will no longer be able to play in the “Ordinary Room” area, where the number of incoming coins is 150,000.

So it can be said that the coins in Higgs Domino are crucial in a game. If your coins are under 1 million, you will no longer be able to play in any room.

The solution to being able to play again is to collect enough coins to be able to continue playing.

As we know, there are several ways to gradually collect coins in order to get the coins. But of course none of this is as much as the amount we can get by buying it.

After all, the price for Higgs domino coins it’s not expensive either. If we only spend 5000 rupiah we can get 30 million coins.


to Buy coins in Higgs Domino, we can use different payment methods available, e.g. B. via Operator Credit (Axis, XL, Indosat, Telkomsel, 3), credit or debit cards and Google Play gift cards.

You can enter the game to buy the coins Higgs Domino >> Shop >> Select the number of coins you want to buy, and then select the payment method that you want to use to pay for coin purchases.

If you choose to pay with credit, make sure your credit is higher than the listed price as there is usually a charge for sending credit.

How to Buy Higgs Domino Coins Using XL Axis Telkomsel 3 Indosat Credits

For example, you might want to buy coins at a price of Rp. 5,000 rupiah, the loan that you have to prepare is at least Rp. 7,000 rupees.

This is due to the costs for the shipping credit, which are billed to the sender by the operator.

Now that you’ve decided to pay by credit, you can activate Accounting button. In the next step you can follow the instructions or the steps listed there.

If you have a Google Play coupon code, you can use it for Buy Higgs Domino Coins. The way to buy it is also simple, namely by choosing and then choosing the price of the coin you want to buy Change code.

How do I buy Higgs domino coins?

Then enter the Google Play coupon code that you have. Then press exchange.

Buy high dominoes game coins

Complete! They have also successfully purchased Higgs Domino Coins and now have lots of Higgs Domino Coins and can be used to play in higher rooms.

So it is of course not difficult to buy Higgs Domino Coins, it can even be described as very easy. With a low price of Rp. Only 5,000 Rupiah, we can already get Higgs Domino coins with a large amount of 30 million.

However, if you want to get the coins for free you can enter your Higgs Domino game then search and the “Invite“at the top right. Then make a note and enter this code: 7268472

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That’s all a quick discussion about How to Buy Higgs Domino Coins. Hopefully this can be useful and make it easier for you to purchase Higgs domino coins. Greetings gamers!

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