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How to Get Free Bruno Skin in Mobile Legends

How to get Bruno’s Skin in Mobile Legends for free – Bruno is one of the marksman heroes in Mobile Legends who is very popular and quite widely used by marksman users.

This hero, who looks like a soccer player, does quite a lot of damage and is very liked by opponents.

Hero Bruno has been around a long time since this Mobile Legends game was released. Previously, Bruno’s hero was the best-selling prima donna used by Mobile Legends players.

But after the presence of new heroes who are constantly being released, Bruno’s hero is now falling behind.

Nevertheless, there are of course users who are interested in it and continue to use Bruno’s heroes as the main hero, especially in ranked mode.

Of course, since Bruno’s hero is one of the oldest heroes in the Mobile Legends game, Bruno’s hero is still getting updates, be it regarding his hero’s appearance, skills, or adding the latest skin.

There are some cool and luxurious skins that are now owned by Bruno’s hero. Of these skins, there are ones that are free or available for free, and there are also cool skins that are paid for.

So, if you want to know how to get Brunos Skin for free, you can listen and follow the discussion guide below.

1. ELITE Skin – Vanguard Elite

One of Bruno’s skins that we can get for free is the ELITE skin – Vanguard Elite.

Bruno’s hero ELITE skin is intentionally made available by Moonton free of charge to any gamer who uses the game application.

To get this skin for free we can do it by collecting Premium fragments.

The minimum Premium Fragment we must have to be exchanged for a free permanent Bruno Skin is 250 Premium Fragments.

We can get this Premium Fragment in several simple ways and of course it’s free. Well, how to quickly collect Premium Fragments, you can read here.

If your premium fragment has reached at least 250 fragments, you can immediately exchange it for a permanent skin in the section for free Shop >> Fragments >> Fragments Premiumand select Bruno’s ELITE skin.

2. Skin Special – Best DJ

We can also get Bruno’s special skin called Best DJ for free.

However, the skin is not permanent, just a trial card that is limited in time.

However, we can also feel the sensation of using Bruno’s luxurious skin as if it were permanent skin.

In order to get the Bruno Best DJ Skin Trial, there are several ways we can try, such as: B. Open boxes, complete missions, daily logins, etc.

We can also gamble to get boxes that come with different skin test cards, one of which is this Bruno hero’s special skin.

So the point is to keep looking for a box with a skin trial card price so that you have the opportunity to get Bruno’s luxury skin on top of that.

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This is the discussion about How do I get Bruno Skin for free that you can try. There is currently no way to get Bruno’s Street Soccer skin for free, as well as the test card skin. However, it is possible that Moonton will give it away for free the next day through the latest event. So continue to be patient and wait for the latest event that may have free skins available for free.

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