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How to delete a Michat account that has proven successful

How to permanently delete Michat account in 2021 – You are surely familiar with this one chat application. Well his name is Michat.

Michat is the latest chat application that has now started to fill the popular application in the Playstore with the Communication category.

This application was released in less than a year but has now received more than 10 million downloads and positive ratings and reviews from users.

This Michat application is not much different from other similar applications like Whatsapp, Wechat, BBM etc. However, there are several advantages that only Michat has and other similar applications do not have, namely the function of searching and finding people around you .

The “Nearby people search” feature is useful to make it easier for users to find people in their vicinity, namely people who are in the city area and who get to know each other and make closer friends.

In addition, there are many other interesting functions in this Michat application, such as the function to create groups, make friends and add friends via QR codes.

How to permanently delete Michat account

Of course, not all users feel at home and are interested in using this mi chat application, as are you.

Typically, of course, when users no longer want to use the Michat application, they want to permanently delete their account so that they can no longer access it.

However, in this mi-chat application there is no option to delete the account, only the option to log out of the account. Of course, this will not completely delete our account as it will still be visible to other michat users.

How do I then delete my Michat account?

The only way to permanently delete a Michat account is to contact the Michat app support team.

This method is very effective and has proven successful as Michat deletes the account at the request of the user.

To contact him, you can send a message by email to and write down your complaints and would you like to delete your Michat account. Don’t forget to include your Michat account ID and also your phone number so that the account can be deleted more easily and quickly.

The michat will reply to your message within a few hours or days. So check your incoming emails so you can see Michat’s response.

In this way you can be sure that your michat account can be permanently deleted by michat.

That’s the discussion about How do I delete a Michat account? that you can try right away. Hopefully this can be useful to all of you. Much luck.

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