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Simple! How to change the language in Webtoon

How to change the language in the Webtoon application 2021 – Webtoon is one of the online comic book applications that is now starting to rate popular free applications on the Playstore and Appstore.

This online comic book application has become one of the options for comic book lovers indeed. Even the Webtoon application managed to get popular free apps on the playstore and beat several other similar apps.

This surely proves that the Webtoon application is very popular by those who are interested and enjoy reading comics online.

There are a lot of comics in Webtoon with a variety of unique genres and it certainly won’t get boring as each of the stories is very interesting and certainly invites different emotional reactions and souls.

The genres in Webtoon consist of the genres Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Action, Horror, Slice of Life and Webnovel. So it doesn’t get boring, of course, because we can choose which comic genre we want to read according to our wishes.

We can read comics on Webtoon freely and for free. However, there are some comics that cannot be unlocked for free but must use coins. So if you want to get the coins, you can read how to get free coins on Webtoon.

How to change the language in Line Webtoon

The Webtoon application now has an option or feature to change the language for its readers. So, for anyone who would like to change the language in Webtoon, you can do so directly in the settings.

If you don’t understand it or don’t understand it clearly, you can follow the steps to change the language in Webtoon right below. How to change the language in Line Webtoon.

1. Open the Line Webtoon application, then select the option MORE.

How to translate in webtoon naver webtoon

2. Then choose arrangement.

Indonesian and Korean webtoons

3. Then several options appear, here you choose language.

How to change the language in the Line-Webtoon

4. Then select the language you want to use for your comic content. There are only 4 languages ​​available, namely English, Mandarin, Thai and Indonesian.

Language in the Webtoon

Complete! After you have selected the language you want, the language will automatically change according to the one you selected.

Info: How to get Free Mangatoon Coins.

In this way you can roughly change the language in your Line Webtoon application. Hopefully this can be useful and useful to all readers. That’s all and good luck.

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