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Script Skin Gusion (EPIC) Venom Emperor Free Mobile Legends

Download the Free Venom Gusion Skin File ML / How to Get a Free Venom Gusion Skin

Gusion EPIC Venom Emperor Scorpion Skin Script Free Mobile Legends – Hello friends, all Mobile Legend players. On this occasion the admin will share a skin script with all ML players, which is the Venom Gusion skin script.

Who doesn’t know the hero Gusion? Of course, almost all Mobile Legends players know this hero who plays the role of the assassin.

From its first release until today, Gusion’s Hero is still the choice and backbone of most players, especially those who enjoy using Assassin Heroes.

Why is that?

Because the hero Gusion is still a hero Superior force (OP), which until now is still very much feared by most Mobile Legends players. Even this Gusion Hero is still a select subscription for most ML players, especially when they play in ranked mode.

Since it has been released for a long time, the Gusion hero now has a lot of cool and luxurious skins. Now, one of the coolest and newest skins released for Gusion’s heroes is the EPIC Venom Emperor Scorpion skin.

This Venom Gusion skin is one of the coolest skins from the Gusion hero. This skin was released not that long ago and coincided with the other hero’s VENOM squad skin.

To get the Venom Gusion skin, players can get it by removing 899 diamonds. Of course, with such a large number of diamonds, not all players can get them easily because calculated the price is quite expensive, also known in the range of several hundred thousand rupees.

However, this will be different if we can use an ML Gusion skin script as we feel like we are using Gusion’s luxury skin like a permanent skin. That said, we can get the VENOM Gusion skin for free using this script.

Okay, instead of lingering, just download the Venom Gusion EPIC skin script first so you can try the free diamond-free EPIC Gusion skin right away. Follow these steps.

FirstFirst, download the ML Venom Gusion Skin script HERE.


second, Extract the script file with the application Zarchiver.

Third, There are two folders in the script files folder, namely the Art folder and the Documents folder. Here are the steps you need to take.

  • The first step is for my friend to copy the file in the Art folder and move it to the section internal memory >> android >> data >> >> files >> dragon >> assets >> art >> android =…… The last thing you have to do is enter the art file you just copied.
  • In the second step, the method is also almost the same as in the first, namely copying the file into the documents folder and moving it to the section internal memory >> android >> data >> >> files >> dragon >> assets >> art >> android =….. So enter the document file that you copied here.
Fourth, Buddy, the Home tab will then open your Mobile Legends game and at the time the bar loads it is in the section Configurations: Runtime, my friend can immediately delete the script file in the Document Folders section.

Complete! Now you can open your Mobile Legends game application directly and use the skin. But first my friend can try it out in vs al mode or custom mode first.

note : It is recommended to use a small account or a Smurf account when using this ML skin script. This is to ensure that your large account or your main account does not have the possibility of being breached, i.e. still in a safe state.

Info: How to get Lesley’s Epic Skin for Free.

That is the discussion about the free ML Venom Gusion Skin script that you can try right away. Hopefully this can come in handy and help all ML players. Much luck.

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