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How to buy coins on V Live with credit

How to buy coins on V Live with credit – One application that is used quite widely by Korean celebrity fans is the V Live application.

The V Live app is a global entertainment platform that connects celebrities with their fans from around the world. Everything is summarized in one, namely in the V Live application and interact with each other.

This application is very good and suitable for you fans of K-pop or other Korean celebrity because you can see the activities broadcast by the Korean celebrity directly so you can get closer to your idol.

The V Live application has been published for 4 years and has so far received a total of more than 10 million downloads in the Playstore and Appstore.

With the acquisition of quite a large number of downloads, it proves that the V Live application is indeed the choice of most of the people, especially those who care about Korean celebrities.

In addition, access to the application is also very simple and of course very easy. The simple and easy-to-understand appearance is also one of the reasons many people are interested in using this V Live app.


Similar to other similar applications, V Live also enforces the use of digital currency. Well, the digital currency imposed by the V Live developer for each user of the application is: coin.

These coins can be obtained by buying them for real money. This means that the coins are paid for here and not free.

Users can buy coins here using various payment methods available such as: B. by credit (Indosat, XL, Telkomsel, Axis, 3), credit / debit cards, Google Play voucher codes and via Indomaret (if you want to pay with cash).

Well what might be discussed on this occasion is about credit. If you want to know how to buy coins on V Live with credit, you can follow these simple steps. How to top up Live Coins with credit.

  1. First my friend, first open the V Live app, buddy, then go to the section profile.
  2. Select in the profile area Coin image at the bottom of the profile.
  3. Then it is brought to the yard my coins. Well here you can tab Obtain.
  4. Choose how many coins to buy based on your preference.
  5. After choosing the number of coins you want to buy, press Keep going.
  6. Then several payment methods appear for buying coins. Here, my friend, choose over Operator credit.
  7. Then activate operator credit settlement payments.
  8. In the next step, purchase instructions with credit appear, which are displayed. Buddy, follow the purchase guide with the credit statement until it’s done.

So roughly buying V Live Coins for you to try. Hopefully this is useful and can help all V Live application users. That’s the whole V Live application discussion, that’s all and good luck.

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