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How to change the language in Mangatoon

How to change the language in Mangatoon 2021 – Mangatoon is an online comic book application that we can easily find in free app download stores such as the Playstore and Appstore.

There are several online comic book applications that are subscribed to and selected by comic book lovers such as Webtoon, Webcomic, and Mangatoon.

The online comics application actually presents comics with different genres and of course very unique and never gets boring.

Mangatoon application readers can read any of their comics freely and easily. However, of course, not all comics can be opened and read for free, as some comics must use coins to be unlocked.

But as we know, these coins can only be obtained by buying them with money. Payment methods for purchases also vary, e.g. B. through payment methods by reducing credits, credit cards, debit cards and Google Play gift codes. We can also get the coins for free. Well, for more details on how to get it, my friend can read it here.

How to change the language in Mangatoon

It is not uncommon for there to be many comic book readers on Mangatoon who would like to change the language in their Mangatoon application. For some reason, maybe because I wanted to try something new by changing the language to a foreign language.

So, if you are confused about how to change the language in Mangatoon, you can follow the simple steps that are explained below.

Buddy can change the language to several foreign languages ​​according to the options available there. How to change the language in the Mangatoon app.

1. Please, my friend, first open the Mangatoon application and then select the menu profile that’s in the lower right corner.

How to change the language in Mangatoon

2. Then choose arrangementthat is at the very top with a picture of a gear.

How to change the Mangatoon language

3. Then several options appear, my friend selection menu language.

How to change the language in the Mangatoon app

4. Various types of language options will be displayed, such as: B. Chinese, English, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Spanish. Buddy choose which language you want to change, if you have you can choose Agree.

Change language in Mangatoon

Complete! Now you have successfully changed the language in Mangatoon. Of course it’s easy, isn’t it?

Info: How to get free coins on Webtoon.

How to change the language in Mangatoon application for you to try. Hopefully this can be useful and helpful to other readers who have problems with this. Much luck.

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