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Here's how to change the language on Vivo HP easily

How to change language on vivo android 2021

Here’s how to easily change the language of your Vivo HP – Android phones are one of the most common types of smartphones used by the people in our country today.

There are several factors why Android smartphones are selling well in the market. Below that, the price is affordable for the lower class and the quality of the smartphone is quite good.

In 2021 there are several brands of Android phones that are very popular and widely used by people. Well, one of them is HP Vivo.

HP Vivo is very popular indeed and is widely used by the public. For some reason, maybe because of the advanced features that are different from other cell phones.

In addition, the low price and the cool design are of course also one of the reasons why many are interested in this Android phone.

How to change the language on Vivo

When you first purchase and use an HP Vivo, the default language is Indonesian.

However, there are also Vivo HP users who want to use a foreign language as a language on their Vivo device. For some reason, the goal may be to learn a foreign language or to make it look cooler by using a foreign language.

to Change the language on the Vivo phone, we can do this directly in the language setting function on the available vivo mobile phone. We can find this feature directly as it is already present on every type of Vivo cell phone.

Even so, there are some Vivo cell phone users who of course still don’t understand how to switch their language to a foreign language.

So, if you still don’t know how to change the language of your Vivo phone, here are the steps you can take.

You can change the language of your Vivo cellphone to another language such as English, Korean, Mandarin, Arabic, German, Japanese, Thai, Malay and other languages ​​as you wish.

You can do this right on your Vivo device. Whether in vivo v5, y53, y83, y81, y95, v7, v9, v11, v15, y21 and various other types of vivo cell phones. OK here how to change / add the language on the vivo mobile phone.

1. Please open and open your vivo cell phone first settings.

2. After that scroll down and what the feature is named Voice input.

Change the language settings on the vivo mobile phone

3. Then choose languagethat is at the top.

How to change the language in vivo

4. After that, different kinds of foreign languages ​​appear.

How to change the language on a vivo phone, English, Korean, Japanese

You can choose which language you want to use for your vivo device. Different languages ​​are available from countries around the world. So all you have to do is choose which one to choose.

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Of course it’s easy, isn’t it? That’s it How to change the language on Vivo phone that you can try right on your device. Hopefully this can be useful to all of you, good luck.

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