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Overcome "Infinite Loading Screen" GTA 5 PC (Long Loading Duration)

Effective Ways to Overcome the 'Infinite Loading Screen' GTA 5 (Long Loading Duration)
Sometimes, gta5 PC will experience infinite loading screen when opened

This time and this second, I will share a tip on how to how to solve the GTA V loading screen which is very long and never finished. If you are experiencing this problem, then it never hurts to try this method.

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The problem of endless loading or infinite loading screen usually only occurs on computers that have less qualified specifications. But sometimes there are also high end computer users who turn out to have the same problem.

I myself very often experience this problem when using Windows 10 Pro (earliest version). I really understand this, because my computer specifications are very old school.

For those of you who are curious, below are the computer specifications that I use to try to play the game “elephant“GTA 5.

The specs I’m using (gta5)

  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz
  • Nvidia GT520 1GB
  • HDD 320GB
  • 2GB RAM (very ironic)
  • Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit


Super old school isn’t it? (there must be someone laughing + belittling this spec)

You need to know that the infinite loading screen problem that I experienced only occurred when I was using Windows 10 Pro only. So, when I use Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS, the infinite loading screen problem does not appear.

But for those of you Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, you can still do these simple tips to solve the infinite loading screen problem.

Please, for those who want to try… (try)

The steps are like this…

  1. First, first open GTA 5 then wait for the infinite loading screen.
    open gta5 which takes a very long time to load
    GTA V PC loading screen display
  2. Second, change the GTA V game mode to Windowed by pressing the “Alt + Enter” on the keyboard. After the game is in windowed mode, then open the task manager.
    open task manager on gta5
    Open Task Manager
  3. Third, after you open the task manager, then right-click the program named “Grand Theft Auto 5” after that select “Go to details
    select go to details on gta5
    Select “Go To Details”
  4. Fourth, after you choose “Go to details” it will be redirected to a new tab. In the new tab, you click the program named “GTA5“then select”Priority Set“After that, change the priority to “Realtime
    change mode to realtime on gta5
    Change to “Realtime”
  5. Fifth, after changing to “Realtime“, reopen the GTA V game that you minimized earlier, then wait for loading to finish.
    Then wait for gta5 loading to finish
    Then wait until loading is complete
  6. Sixth, after loading GTA V is complete, reopen the task manager and change the priority to “Normal“again as before.
    gta5 100% working
    GTA V PC loading screen is complete
  7. Finished

I have tried the simple steps above myself and succeeded without any risk of damage to your GTA V game. And if you don’t really understand the steps above, you can see the video version below.

Video version tips

If you are still confused by my explanation above, below I have prepared a tutorial in the form of a video on how to do it how to solve the GTA V Loading Screen that Won’t End.


Remember, the points I wrote above are my own personal opinion. So it’s only natural if there are things that don’t match / agree with those of you who are reading this article.


That’s the article about Overcome “Infinite Loading Screen” GTA 5 PC (Long Loading Duration). Hopefully the information that I have written through the article above can be useful for those of you who read it.

Sorry if there is a wrong word,

See you at another time.

thank you

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