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5 Tricks to Play GTA 5 PC on LOW / Low End Specifications

By doing this, even those with low specifications may be able to play GTA V
By doing this, even those with low specifications are likely to be able to play GTA V.

Some time ago, I uploaded an amateur gameplay video to Youtube. Well from the video it shows that the game is great Grand Theft Auto V turns out to be playable on low-spec computers.

Honestly, at that time I didn’t expect that there would be so many comments on the question can their PC/Laptop play GTA 5. And that’s when I realized, it turns out that there are still many out there who (probably) haven’t had time to play GTA5 PC.

Old PC Specifications (gta5)…

This picture was uploaded by someone on Facebook

You need to know, that the computer that I used to try to play GTA5 is quite old school. Old school CPU, old school RAM, old school VGA, old school keyboard, almost all parts of the computer components are old school. (except the monitor part)

You can see, below are the computer specifications that I use to play the giant game Grand Theft Auto V.


• Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 Ghz
• Nvidia GT520 1GB
• 320 GB HDD
• Windows 8 64 Bit

From the specifications above, the frame rate that I get is very, very small, only 8-19 FPS. With such “rough” FPS, can you imagine how difficult it is ;-( is it worth playing?

Well, because deep down in my heart I also want to play this GTA V game, then I also made some changes to the old computer that I have. (there is still hope)

A simple trick can play GTA 5 with low specs

The following is a simple step change that I did on a low spec computer, so that it can maximize computer performance in running the GTA V game. (at least, there is a slight difference)

The steps are like this…

1. Disable Startup Programs

Disable unnecessary startup programs so that GTA 5 can run smoothly
Disable unnecessary startup programs

The first thing I did was to stop all useless windows startup programs. Remember, only stop startup programs that are really useless to you.

2. Reduce Active Programs in the Background

Reduce the programs that are running in the background so that GTA 5 can run smoothly without lag
Reduce the programs running in the background

Furthermore, the admin reduces some useless applications that are active in the background, for example Adobe Updater, Winamp, etc. As for the antivirus, the admin uses the Windows Defender default Windows OS.

3. Stop Unused Services

It's better to just disable some unimportant windows services
Better just disable some windows services that are not important.

Then, what I did was stop the Windows default services that were rarely or even not used. Some of the services I stopped were Print Spooler, Windows Search, Windows Update, Themes, etc.

A more complete explanation is here, 20 Safe Windows Services to Stop!

4. Use Game Booster

Using an additional application called
Using an additional app called “Game Booster for GTA5

The last step I did was to install a free application called “Game Booster” With this application, you can optimize system performance on the Windows computer you are using.

I will briefly explain…

Game Booster works by stopping all Windows OS processes that are not too important and actually burden the Windows OS performance.

Some processes that are not used too often are usually the Print Spooler, Windows update, Windows Search, and other minor programs that are usually additional from external applications that you install.

Well, most of these processes are already known by a program called Game Booster. In addition, you can also set it manually to choose which processes will be stopped when the Game Booster is active.

5. Use additional patch

Using additional patches to maximize GTA5 performance
Using additional patches to maximize GTA5 performance

There is another addition that I have ever done in increasing the frame rate of GTA5, namely using a patch called “gta5 super low p*tchThe case is almost the same as Overcoming FPS Drop Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 4

After doing the steps above, the frame rate that I get can be said to have increased, although it didn’t change too significantly. The frame rate I get is around 15 – 26 FPS.

You can see the GTA V testing video on an old computer on my Youtube Channel called “Reza Nauma” Below are also some GTA V videos on old computers that I’ve uploaded on the channel.

GTA V Videos on My Old Computer

Below is the GTA V PC gameplay that I played on a computer with relatively low specifications.

Additional info…

I have tried the above method on an old computer that I have, and indeed there is an improvement in terms of gameplay response and frame rate which is getting better.

So I can say, this method is quite SUCCESSFUL and works well on the Low End computer that I use.


Remember, the points I wrote above are my own personal opinion. So it’s only natural if there are things that don’t match / agree with those of you who are reading this article.


Those are some tips that you can follow in your efforts maximizing performance playing the game GTA V. Actually there are many more extreme ways to maximize the performance of the GTA V game, but for this time, it is enough with the simple steps above without compromising the quality of the game.

Sorry if there is a wrong word,

See you at another time.

thank you

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